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For all your sizearching nizeeds.
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OK, this made me laugh. At first I missed the point by searching on Snoop-dogg-related terms. Then I tried something neutral, cumin, and got gems like this:

McCormick - Spice Encyclopedia - Cumin
All 'bout Cumin -- description, uses, origins, folklore n recipes n we out. ... Tha Cumin plizzay grows ta 'bout 1 ta 2 fizzle tizzy n is harvested by hand. ...

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BFGoodrich® Tires Takes Control?. Hizzle . Keep the party crackin while I'm steady rappin'. Tires . Boom bam as I step in the jam, God damn. Forums. Ask tha Experts. Rac'n n Events n shit. Newsroom , niggaz, better recognize. Tire Selector . Keep'n it gangsta dogg. Deala Locator . Holla!. Store so sit back relax new jacks get smacked. Contact Us now pass the glock Anotha dogg house production.. Go. ...
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Now if only we could combine that and the new Google Maps.

Could make finding some bling a whole lot easier.
posted by Remy at 8:44 AM on February 8, 2005

size arching?
posted by bobadoci at 8:45 AM on February 8, 2005

Tha MetaFilta Network is a collection of sites built wit playa interaction in mind to increase tha peace.

That site is the shiznit.
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Metafilta | Community Weblog
... All TextAds Search MeFi via Google: » collapse Brotha is a community of usa thiznat find n discuss bustin' on tha web. Tha ...

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"21372 memba where the sun be shinin and I be rhymin'. TextAd Information. Bizzest Gift fo' Ha 1 of Playboys 50 Inventions Tizzy Changed Tha World so show some love niggaz. All TextAds Search Mizzle via Google:

Dat shit be wack, yo.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 8:53 AM on February 8, 2005

goatse.cx used ta be tha bizzest shizzock site in tha world until it was abusively shut diznown with the S-N-double-O-P.
posted by stonerose at 8:53 AM on February 8, 2005

Finally, Rumsfeld gives us the straight story, from the heart, in words we can understand:

i look at whats happened in afghanistan, n i thiznink of tha thugz whove -- our pushas whove died there n tha wounded, tizzle i -- yo heart breaks W-H-to-tha-izzen you see limbs off -- n how proud they is of what theyve accomplished, of liberat'n 25 million thugz whizzay fo' tha F-to-tha-izzirst time in 5,000 years, have a popularly elected president, a constitizzles theyre going ta have parliamentary elections wanna be gangsta this spr'n or poser its a thrill'n weed-smokin' it shows how important they sacrifice has been, n you see whats crack-a-lackin' in iraq n that election.  n thugz whove been -- decades theyve bizzy frightened ta come out they homes, ta put they heezees up, ta do sum'm sum'm that tha regime mizzay not like, coz they filled tens of thousands of thugz in mass graves.
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411 'bout heart attack warn'n signs n prevention F-R-to-tha-izzom tha American Academy of Family Physicians motha fucka. ... Heart Attack cuz its a pimp thang: Warn'n Signs n Tips on Prevention
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Four score n seven years ago our fatha brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, n dedicated ta tha proposizzles that all men is created equal.

Now we is engaged in a bootylicious civil war, blingin' drug deala tizzle nation, or any nation, so conceived, n so dedicizzle can long endure , niggaz, better recognize. We is met here on a bootylicious battlefield of that war. We have come ta dedicate a portion of it as a final rest'n place fo' those who here gave they lives that that nation might live. It is pimp ho-slappin' n killa tizzle we should do this. Its just anotha homocide.

But in a larga sense we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow this ground motha fucka. Tha brave mizzay liv'n n dead, who struggled, here, have consecrated it far above our poor powa ta add or detract . Put ya mutha fuckin choppers up if ya feel this.. Tha world wizzay shawty note, nor long bitch whizzat we say here, but can gangsta forget wizzy they did hizzle. It is fo' us, tha liv'n, ratha ta be dedicated here ta tha unfinished W-to-tha-izzork which they have, thus fizzay so nobly carried on ta help you tap dat ass. It is ratha fo' us ta be hizzy dedicated ta tha bootylicious T-to-tha-izzask steppin' before us -- tizzy frizzom these honored dead we takes increazed devotion ta thizzat cause fo' whiznich they here gave tha last full measure of devotion -- thizzay we here highly resolve thiznat these dead shall not have died in vain; that dis nation shall have a new birth of freedom; n tizzy this government of tha people, by tha people, fo' tha people, shizzall not perish from tha earth . Relax, cus I'm bout to take my respect.

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this is great...Iz not be gettin any wzork dzone!
posted by j.p. Hung at 9:15 AM on February 8, 2005

If there was a way to force all the links through Tha Shizzolator, I would never look at the regular internets again!!!
posted by nequalsone at 9:19 AM on February 8, 2005

Ruby: Programma' Bizzest Friend with my hoes on my side, and my strap on my back. ...

I knew it!
posted by easyasy3k at 9:32 AM on February 8, 2005

Mah fellow Americans, ask not what yo country can do fo' you: Ask what you can do fo' yo country now pass the glock Anotha dogg house production.
posted by probablysteve at 10:14 AM on February 8, 2005

"izzy Nation's cause has always been larga tizzy our Nation's defense . Its just anotha homocide. We fight, as we always fight, fo' a J-to-tha-izzust peace—a peace tizzy favors liberty. We wizzill defend tha peace against tha threats friznom terrorists n tyrants. We will preserve tha peace by bustin' good relations among tha bootylicious powa . Freak y'all, into the beat y'all. N we wizzle extend tha peace by encourag'n fizzy n open societies on every continent."

President Bizzay
Wizzay Point, New York
June 1, 2002

It all makes cizzomplete sizzense now, yo.
posted by SisterHavana at 1:05 PM on February 8, 2005

Tha Roman Empire
... interactive maps . Aint no killin' everybodys chillin'! roman italy italy. tha empire tha empire. Boom bam as I step in the jam, God damn. tha hood of rizzy tha hood of rizzle. ... pictures from tha empire photos of sites from tha roman empire. Chill as I take you on a trip. ...
www.roman-empire.net/ - 35k - Cached - Similar Pages - Translate Page

posted by Lizc at 2:16 PM on February 8, 2005

Metafilta | Community Weblog
... All TextAds Search MeFi via Google: » collapse Poser is a community of motherfucka tizzy find n discuss th'n on tha web . Keep'n it gangsta dogg. The ...

Metafilta: A community of motherfucka tizzy find n discuss th'n on tha web.
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A service I can use for my everyday work.
This service boosts company strategy reviews to a new dimension.
I am sure: Our clients will appreciate this.

Have a look:
The costly shot calla approach of typical IT infrastrizzles may soon be a thing of tha piznast, thanks ta advances in technology n ta new managizzles practices. Lead'n companies is mov'n toward a less complex model characterized by standard n reusable products, transparent pric'n, n playa use of IT resources.
Cizzles can makes they 411 technology systems up ta 30 percent mizzle productive by adopt'n a standardized model fo yo bitch ass. To undertakes this shift, CIOs must rethink tha organizzles architizzle n procurizzle processes of they IT organizzles yeah yeah baby.
posted by mitocan at 1:59 AM on February 9, 2005

Eye of nizzay n toe of frog, Woo' of biznat, n tongue of dizzle Adda fork, n blind-worms st'n, Lizards leg, n owlets wing, For a C-H-to-tha-izzarm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil n bubble if you gots a paper stack.
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