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WFMU has a blog! (Me very happy!)
posted by lilboo (21 comments total)
Oh, and I love this link more than anything!
posted by lilboo at 10:42 AM on February 10, 2005

Wow! I'm ashamed that I never knew about that before. By the way, "Dragostea Din Tei" is my new favorite song.
posted by jclovebrew at 10:51 AM on February 10, 2005

Don't feel bad, it's brand-new.
posted by lilboo at 10:54 AM on February 10, 2005

numa yea, numa numa numa yea
posted by psmealey at 10:56 AM on February 10, 2005

posted by jonmc at 10:58 AM on February 10, 2005

One of my favorite stations now has one very cool blog. Thanks for the tip lilboo.
posted by caddis at 10:59 AM on February 10, 2005

Now KEXP needs one.
posted by xmutex at 11:12 AM on February 10, 2005

WFMU also has great ebay auctions.
posted by Mean Mr. Bucket at 11:29 AM on February 10, 2005

Woo! This is great -- thanks. (And given that I just saw The Nomi Song last night, the interview with director Andrew Horn is right up my alley this morning. And yet I'm trying to meet a deadline at work! Curse you, Metafilter!)
posted by scody at 11:37 AM on February 10, 2005

their monthly newsletter can also be a source of interesting tidbits and mp3s. heads up. its a duck.
posted by nequalsone at 11:58 AM on February 10, 2005

Is there any competition for the best radio station? Really, I can't think of anything that comes close to what WFMU has.
posted by destro at 12:36 PM on February 10, 2005

Excuse me, I need to get back to work so I can become very rich and leave all my money to WFMU.
posted by StickyCarpet at 12:48 PM on February 10, 2005

The only group to which I consistently donate large sums of money (large for me, the world's biggest cheapskate). WFMU for president!
posted by scratch at 1:00 PM on February 10, 2005

sweet. thanks lilboo.
posted by goddam at 1:04 PM on February 10, 2005

WFMU podcasts Ever on the bleeding edge, WFMU is now podcasting some of their best shows. hot damn!

Someone posted this as a front page post and it was deleted for belonging here. I am reposting it verbatim so that it is not lost.
posted by caddis at 2:20 PM on February 10, 2005

Cool. Lots of link goodness. Thanks, lilboo!
posted by carter at 2:30 PM on February 10, 2005

Anal Magic forever!!

Disclaimer: The above short comment is actually somewhat on-topic.
posted by melt away at 4:10 PM on February 10, 2005

This makes me happy.
posted by adampsyche at 5:21 PM on February 10, 2005

It's a nice station.
But it ain't WFUV.
posted by flatlander at 10:39 PM on February 10, 2005

WFMU is the best radio station I ever happened upon, hands down! But there are also about half a dozen other great stations in the NY metro area that can satisfy my music jones, including WFUV, WSOU, WNYU, and WFDU. A little further upstate we are blessed with WVKR. Give it listen!
posted by LouReedsSon at 12:46 AM on February 11, 2005

WFUV is a shadow of their former selves.
posted by Fupped Duck at 12:15 PM on February 11, 2005

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