caller id spoof service
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Covert Call allows you to alter the caller id that is sent to the phone you are calling. It can operate just like a calling card, all for the price of a normal long distance call. Caller-ID spoofing for 5¢ a minute, for all your prankster/paranoid/social engineering needs.
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I've always wanted this :) Much easier than hacking with VoIP manually. The sad part is how many places use callerID as some sort of authorization.
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About 10 years ago my kids figured out how to do this. They would call to say they were stopping at a friends house and the ID would come up saying GOD or Satan 666 or Homer J. etc. I never did ask how they did it.
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So maybe that's not really God phoning Bush?
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[Feeling rather old...] Anyone else remember all the controversy when Caller-ID was first introduced... and also how much fun it was to freak people out by saying hello to them by name when they called...? :-)
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I just woke up about half of my contact list at 2:30 AM with numbers such as 23, and 10000000 calling
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metauser: it still amazes a lot of people expecially the technologically challenged
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weapons-grade pandemonium wins
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with numbers such as 23

Ewige Blumenkraft, you beautiful freak.
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Doesn't refusing to send ID by typing *67 or dialing 1167 work anymore? Or is the issue that people or places won't accept a call without an ID?
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Davy - I think the real concern is when someone might call you spoofing someone else. Like your call display says it's your childs school, or the local police department, or your bank. Or someone else can call anywhere pretending to be you and having the caller ID back them up on that.
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There's also this for text messages, which can be alot of fun. You don't have to pretend to be someone else by disguising your voice to wind up a friend. Also when running late for work try this. Although I do wonder how useful pretending to be caught up in a Circus Parade is?
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