Not a hockey fan, but wow.
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Louis John Sutter dead at age 73. He fathered six sons, all of whom, played in the NHL.
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Sad, the Sutters have been in my life since I was 6 years old. Growing up in Lethbridge, Alberta, I had the privilege of watching 6 of Mr. Sutter's son's (Gary, the eldest, seventh son never played pro hockey) play their major junior hockey for my home town (and long since moved) Broncos of the WHL before they moved on to greatness in the NHL.

Playing hockey on the lake as a kid, I was always Darryl Sutter, and my little brother was Brent. Gimme a Sutter over a Gretzky or Lemieux any day. Mr. Sutter done good with his life.

It's a sad day in Viking, that's for sure.
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6 sons in the NHL. Incredible. I hope somebody managed to save a bit of his DNA. Even though he played for the hated NY Islanders, I always had a begrudging amount of respect for Duane, the hardworking winger who played on that Isles team that won four Cups in a row. I'd still throw fish at Bryan Trottier and Denis Potvin, though.
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I hope somebody managed to save a bit of his DNA

Maybe he left some to his sons.
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Maybe his sons can play this season. Probably not though.
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The Penguins, of course, went out and got the only crappy Sutter.
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it seems that arthur miller has also died. Willy was a good salesman.
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Not quite all of them played in the NHL...

A seventh Sutter brother (the oldest of the clan), Gary, never played in the NHL. from your second link.
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The NH what?

Hopefully the Sutter boys will get a chance to continue the line.
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I did not realize there was a seventh brother. Hmmm... there's a name for a frozen north punk band that specializes in songs about hockey and relative failure: Seventh Sutter Brother. (This stupid thought inspired by NoMeansNo’s alter ego The Hanson Brothers, who make Ramonesesque hockey and beer songs.)
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I hope somebody managed to save a bit of his DNA

His wife probably has some of the required materials, too.
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An interesting hockey trivia question - which combination of brothers has scored the most goals combined in NHL history? A lot of people guess the Sutter brothers, figuring that although none were superstar scorers, they might qualify by sheer volume (most brother combos are 2 or 3 at most.)
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The actual answer is Wayne and Brent Gretzky - Wayne scored 894 and Brent scored 1.
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Shit. Got it wrong. It was the Hull brothers (Dennis & Bobby) who got the most goals - 913. Damn Brent Gretzky, not carrying his weight!

The Hulls also have the most points by a family. Dennis, Bobby plus his son Brett account for 3070 points, the six Sutter brothers come in second with 2935.

A good book if you like this stuff - "The Unofficial Guide to Hockey's Most Unusual Records".

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