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Every audience seems to be niche audience these days but this guy (not forgetting this guy) were the goods. I was reminded of them when a friends sent me this link from Germany. Made my day, it should at least raise a smile. (Guitar players may want to weep) And there seems to be a lot more of it out there than I had suspected, predictably in France and Holland, but even places like Argentina, Finland, and Japan . America does her part, and count on Britain to be encyclopaedic on the subject Okay, some are better than others, but they all have heart. Just now I could almost wish to live in Southern California just for this
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Sweet Jebus! That is all.
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holy florking schnit!
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I'm not usually one for "virtuoso guitarist" types, but that Joscho Stephan bloke is the real deal! Bloody fanstastic.
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Holy florking schnit, indeed! Thanks IndigoJones, that about made my night!
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awesome. gracias.
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In Seattle we're delighted to be home to Pearl Django. And for those who can't get enough Django, here's the man himself playing. Nice post.
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My god, the video at GuietDesperation's second link may be even more wonderful.
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Wow, that's amazing. Great link! I like the whole post in general; thanks for the great links.
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Its so disheartening to know that i will truly never be able to play that well...
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Odd how tastes change. Odd how we take things for granted.

I have spent several nights a week for almost a decade now, playing upright bass in several duet settings with a selection of jazz guitarists. One went to north Texas and picked up the taint of the hyper-trained. One had a hippie streak and disappeared to Oregon. One had a massive Danny Gatton complex and is always in search of the gig that gives him more attention.

Then there's Don. Don has had multiple a bypass, showed up to a gig the day after a mini-stroke, and plays a Howard Roberts Gibson Strung with 14's(!!!!). He's in his 70's. His whole style is "hot" jazz. The high point of my week is the hours I spend with him on the weekend.

So, here's to Nuages, Secret Love, I Remember You, Honeysuckle Rose, Limehouse Blues, Old-Fasioned Love and the rest of the oldest of the old. Thanks to Don, I may carry these tunes a century further than you he ever expected.

I should not take the gig for granted. Tomorrow is not just another night with the fake book. It is more time with Don teaching me the Django style so that I may continue.

Continue to water it down, anyway.
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Over the last couple weeks the complete "Chronological Django Reinhardt 1934-1947" boxed cd set has been posted in alt.binaries.sounds.1940s.mp3 (more recently: look for posts from sargasso... and yes, 1940s preceding mp3 in this group's name) and alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.complete_cd (posted by bombarde i think, but earlier posts dating back into January, continuing into February). 96 kbps mono -- compilation is from old 78's -- and a 49 MB folder of scans included. Something like 300 songs altogether; excellent sound quality, great guitar, and Stephane Grapelli can send shivers... these guys were truly one of kind. for those who need to know...
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I'm personally a big fan of the complete Integrale collection. I've got 15 of the two CD sets. It's fantastic stuff, but it's an import here in the states and they run ~$30 or so each.

Those of you interested in acquiring the appropriate tool should check out this site.
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Yay, excellent post!
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You can't mention Django without mentioning Emmet Ray.

(Sweet and Lowdown introduced me to Django and Samantha Morton, and for that Mr. Allen, I'm thankful.)
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I would pay money to see a Crossroads style showdown between this guy and Yngwie Malmsteen. Different styles obviously, but think of the fireworks!!! I don't think this Joscho guy would look as good in leather pants as Yngwie though. And he's gotta work on the hair.
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And if you are ever in l'hexagone.
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