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Deborah Brosnan left for SE Asia today to help communities that were devasted by the tsunami rebuild their coastal ecosystems. She knows what it is like to receive the kindness of strangers after a catastrophe. She survived the fiery crash of Singapore Airlines flight #006 in October 2000.
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I admire her pluck and determination to help others but I don't really think there's any damned way I'd be getting back on a plane after going in flames in one. Nope, I'd take the bus with Madden.

But I really like her thought process behind going to help out. She's paying the help she received during her plane crash ordeal forward and that's a good thing.
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I was in the passenger seat at the front of a vehicle once about 18 years ago when, after the getting to the top of a hill, said vehicle was hit by another car being driven straight toward me (on the wrong side of the road). I thought I was dead, and, so it turned out, almost was. Long story.

I still drive to work every day.
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Man... I would go with Madden too... what a sweet ride.
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