Free Nepal, from the ground
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Nepal has been in the news lately (1, 2, 3), as the king ousted the prime minister and replaced the cabinet under protests and a mounting civil war. Airports are closing, newspapers are shutting down, and radio stations are going silent. How'd I find this all out? By reading a blog from someone in Nepal, posting updates of what day-to-day life is like amid the strife.
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I've been wondering how the recent turmoil there has affected Mahibir Pun and his various projects in Nepal.
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You know, even though blogs get a bad wrap (and god do I hate that name...) for being childish or overly dramatic, the fundamental idea is something wonderfully basic powered by a distribution system that really hasn't ever existed before. People have always written down their thoughts, and they've always (in some form or another) published them, but the barrier is now significantly smaller. This can only be a good thing, really, even though it inevitably brings about an increase in the noise level.
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I am not sure all of the information in the post is accurate as my friend made her plane reservations a few days ago to go back to Nepal to visit her family, but I did pass the blog on to her. She and her family find the western media to be innaccurate and prefer their news to come from in country. Thanks, Matt.
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One of our own, Blueberry lives there.
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One of our own, Blueberry lives there.
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Slight derail... Blueberry's photos are incredible.
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How'd I find this all out?

You mean American news isn't covering it? That is disturbing.
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This is the problem - the American media isn't doing jack on this subject. I mean, there are brief instances of it, but on the whole no one is talking about it. I'm halfway not surprised, but part of me wonders if this is a great examples of American media just not caring for things that aren't related to themselves.
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Jesus, I had no idea things were so bad there. Thanks American media, for keeping me informed!

On a different note, the Nepalese Human Rights and Peace Society has a really unfortunate acronym.
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