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BooksWeLike collaborative book recommendations. This site was mentioned in passing in a recent MeFi thread and in this Salon article, but it deserves a moment in the spotlight of its own. A beta, it may have yet to realize its full potential in terms of features and performance, but the more people join and recommend books, the more interesting and useful the recommendations will be. It also offers links to Amazon, indie booksellers, and maybe even your local library.
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This seems like something I might like, or something that might suck. I wish I could tell, but the site won't load no matter how many times I try it, so I guess I'll never know. And to think, all this time I could have been reading.
posted by OmieWise at 1:30 PM on February 16, 2005

Yeah, I'm in there under 'fixedgear.' It seems like it could work in a "I like this book and this person like the same book and another book so let me check out the other book" way . Like for books. They apparently got quite hammered after the Salon article and though it now says they are on a faster server it still can be spotty. The searches only return the first ten Amazon results so finding books can be frustrating.
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Is BWL a commercial site? Or amateur? If commercial, they have no excuse; contingency bandwidth contracts have been around for years.
posted by mischief at 2:36 PM on February 16, 2005

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