I Want To Kern in Bold And Light, And Typeset Every Day
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Back In Black, Bold, Semibold, Roman, and Light: Ever wanted to write your name in the font The Scorpions used? Or make your wedding announcements in the AC/DC font? Maybe you'd like to create nametags with the official Ozzy font? Here are all the rock fonts you'll ever need, all for free.
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This is indescribably awesome.
posted by psmealey at 1:11 PM on February 16, 2005

I remember making fonts on a Mac Plus in highschool, and always inevitably doing the Def Leppard one. Nice to see a large collection all in one place, even if they aren't or any real practical importance (unless you want to design a fan site for a featured band).
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No practical importance? I used to write my name in that Aerosmith font back in the sixth grade. I shall resume doing so presently.
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Adobe's latest edition of "Proxy" (anyone else get it?) had some interesting bits about typefaces so fonts have been on my mind for the past few days...
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I'm absolutely handing my essay on Film Noir in Cheap Trick font.
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My handwriting looks exactly like the one used for the liner notes font of Pink Floyd: The Wall. I wish they had that font as opposed to the band name font. Bitch, bitch, bitch.
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*ignites lighter and raises over head*
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The metallica font on that page is screwed up, I just used a different metallica font I had handy. Google for "pastor of muppets"
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Pastor of Muppets is the best font name ever.
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Awesome post, thanks very much!
posted by Lynsey at 9:14 PM on February 16, 2005

yeah, really cool.
but no Priest.
Someone needs to event a tool so i can etch these onto my new comb...
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Oh dear, this is really what a font addict needs...as it is, I already get a warning message whenever I fire up MS Word - "you've got more than XXXXXXX fonts saved, could cause errors, blah blah." Can't help it...must...have...more...fonts!
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Way cool.
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In The Rise and Fall of Rock and Roll Graphic Design, Design Observer says the "disappearing logo might just be the canary in the coal mine signifying the dematerialization of music."

Vaughan Oliver and David Carson looked at band logos in a recent Entertainment Weekly (subscriber log-in required).
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