Speedy Relief.
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Speedy Relief (SFW, Flash Friday Fun) Steer your red nose around the track as quickly as you can.
[On behalf of the forthcoming Red Nose Day. via the Chris Moyles radio show]
posted by seanyboy (13 comments total)
this is really fun when you are drunk!
posted by lenny70 at 2:56 AM on February 18, 2005

It's the wackiness I can't stand.
posted by veedubya at 8:00 AM on February 18, 2005

Nice. Makes me wish I had my wacom tablet with me right now ......
posted by devbrain at 8:15 AM on February 18, 2005

Wow. They took that annoying "game" we were forced to play in junior high to "learn to use a mouse," and added garish graphics, snooty instructions, and two stupid guys in the corners making dumb faces.

It's flash. It's Friday. But fun, it ain't.
posted by koeselitz at 8:25 AM on February 18, 2005

Those "two stupid guys" are paid up members of our comedy elite.
Damn Yanks.
posted by seanyboy at 8:38 AM on February 18, 2005

This game is basically saying, you need a new mouse, cause the one you got is old and crappy.

(I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with my mouse skills. Nothing. Not a bit. Nada.)
posted by snwod at 8:42 AM on February 18, 2005

"Chris Moyles" - what a muppet.
posted by 13twelve at 9:39 AM on February 18, 2005

I keep pranging my red nose....
posted by deafmute at 10:28 AM on February 18, 2005

It's like a version of Cursor Love Bunny that doesn't like, you know, eat your soul.
posted by qDot at 10:59 AM on February 18, 2005

I shot my *what* too early?
posted by petebest at 11:02 AM on February 18, 2005

Mua-ha-ha. I'm #236 in the world with my wacom goodness (5.881 seconds, or a little over half my best with my usual trackball).

I blew something too soon, too ..... darned if I can remember what it was though.
posted by devbrain at 11:19 AM on February 18, 2005

When I first finished it in 17 seconds, I thought the "10 second" goal was unlikely. However, I have managed to whittle it down to 10.8 seconds (and all with a crappy Microsoft mouse, too)...
posted by serafinapekkala at 1:10 PM on February 18, 2005

Speeed whilst sober: 10.05; speeed whilst drunk. 45.32.
posted by seanyboy at 6:33 PM on February 18, 2005

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