Nader's new television ad
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Nader's new television ad parodies those hilarious ads with the little kids hoping they'll grow up to have crappy jobs. In the Nader ad, the kids hope they'll grow up to have the same crappy politicians, sold out to corporations, with no real change.
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I saw it on CNN tonight (during a show). Which makes you wonder... since Nader doesn't have any money to actually run the ads, are they being produced JUST to be shown on news programs?
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msnbc has the nader ad. (i'm sure it's available from other sources).
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One of the newsgroups I read is frequented by the mother of one of the kids in the Nader commercial:

That is indeed my son's commercial, and he appears in it twice. The first time he is shown without his glasses, in a long shot, dressed to look a bit fat, and he says the word "disenfranchised." The second time he looks like a completely different kid, this time with his glasses on. He appears at the very end of the commercial, in a major close-up, and says: "When I grow up, I want politicians to ignore me." Read more...

It was apparently done by the same guy who worked on Jesse Ventura's campaign.
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North Woods Advertising
Huge page. Do a quick find for "north woods" i guess.
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