unfortunately, it was too late
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Ever wonder what happens when you cross Livejournal and Lichtenstein?
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Man, I really hoped this would have something to do with the Waste Books.
posted by kenko at 7:42 PM on February 21, 2005

There is still fighting in the south!
posted by muckster at 7:44 PM on February 21, 2005

Of course that's Lichtenberg, anyway, so I guess I really was letting myself get carried away by optimism.
posted by kenko at 7:52 PM on February 21, 2005

posted by Plinko at 7:58 PM on February 21, 2005


But if I were to, I'll be very thankful for the resource you've provided.
posted by Ethereal Bligh at 8:20 PM on February 21, 2005

posted by Robot Johnny at 9:05 PM on February 21, 2005

ack im mesmerized!
posted by c at 9:21 PM on February 21, 2005

I'd like to see what happens if you crossed livejournal and Liechtenstein.
posted by Sir Mildred Pierce at 12:58 AM on February 22, 2005

How fantastic is that.
It's amazing how much sense the comix make. They perfectly encapsulate that dislocated narrative I find so compelling in Graphic Novels. It took me a second or two to realise where the text and images actually came from.

Now I'm wondering how many of the people who visited the site actually undertand what it is.
posted by seanyboy at 2:09 AM on February 22, 2005

Huh. I was hoping for a travelog, maybe some photos of Vaduz, perhaps some gratuitous scans of stamps.
posted by kcds at 7:30 AM on February 22, 2005

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