the Guillotine Headquarters
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the Guillotine Headquarters Everything you ever wanted to know about this machine. From its evolution in the mist of history, to 1977, when it was last used in france. many photos some flash some 3d
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don't forget to take the test!
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Let's get the obligatory Straightdope: "Do decapitated heads briefly remain conscious?" and its "Follow Up" out of the way.

All in all, if one HAD to choose an execution method, I suppose I'd go for this over hanging, electrocution, firing squad, etc.
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this is GHASTLY. From now on, let's wait until after breakfast for gruesome, freaky posts. Nice site tho.
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My chance to show off has been minimised once again. I wanted to tell you all about this little beauty which I pass every day on the way to work. Interesting Gibbet facts.... (1) If animals were stolen, then the gibbet pin was tied via a string to an animal, and it would be made to move forward thus causing the villian to be executed ironically. (2) The parish line you had to get to to avoid decapitation is marked to this day with a pub called "The running man" (3) The Gibbet is said (perhaps incorrectly; the jury is out) to be the reason Halifax is included in the phrase "From Hell, Hull and Halifax, Good Lord deliver us."
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Paradoxically, there are neither bagels, nor any bagel cutters in France.
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"Head of Site."

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