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Isn't part of being media literate knowing how to engage your audience (or learning how the media engages its audience)? I see other metafilter postings here that provide some context of why you want to learn a subject, even if the descriptions are a little self-serving towards the intended links.
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I worked briefly at The Center for Media Literacy -- it's a great, dedicated group of people.
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Even though it's geared for k-12 teachers, there are some really good links on media literacy to be found at University of South Carolina's Media Literacy Clearinghouse.
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You should check out MediaRights' Media That Matters Film Festival. The films stream online with take action links and are also available as a DVD so that you can host your own screening. The free Teacher's Guide has a lot Media Literacy exercises.
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I was trying to figure out the other day if any of the news stories written about projects or events I was intimately involved with had ever been 100% correct, and couldn't come up with a single one. Hm....

Thanks for the links everyone, this is an important topic.
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