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AppreciationFilter: Edwyn Collins --Scottish Britpop Master--from Nu-Sonic as a teen in the 70s, Orange Juice ("Rip It Up") in the early 80s, to "A Girl Like You" and "Magic Piper," and still going strong decades later. He even created a British sitcom, West Heath Yard, and now supports up and coming bands. Even if you've never heard of him, you've heard at least one of his songs, whether in Austin Powers or elsewhere. More history here, from his old site. (and you can hear 18 streaming songs of his on the main link, above.)
Edwyn is now in the hospital after suffering a serious brain hemorrhage.
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I used to own a 45 of Orange Juice's cover of Al Green's Love (L.O.V.E.)--man, it was one of my favoritest records in the world. I don't know whether it was Collins or someone else in that band singing it in that somewhat tuneless, Jonathan Richmanesque reedy voice but man, it was so heartfelt and sincere--that was the sweetest and most heartfelt cover of that song I have ever heard.

Years later I got to do a phone interview with Al Green for the Rocket when he came to Bumbershoot here--which was one of the most fun things I have ever done--and I asked him if he had heard it. Turns out he had, he had a copy and he loved it. We both went on about it for about ten minutes.

Man, oh, man, between us going on about Orange Juice and then Johnny Mathis, Charles Cross, the Mr. Move The Product Editor of the paper, got such a hair up his ass that he didn't run the interview. Lucky me, however--I still got the tape.

Well, that's my Orange Juice story. I'm sorry to hear he's doing so poorly.
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Ooh, and here's the cover. Boy, they were just kids.
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I remember hearing "A Girl Like You" on a borrowed CD and thinking it to be fantastic, years ago (the heavy fuzz guitar + glockenspiel was genius, and still sticks with me)... I'll need to look into his stuff again, most definitely
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deliquescent, you'll love "Keep on Burning" too, definitely. : >

great story, y2k--doing a cover that the orig. artist actually loves is rare, i think.
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Love love love Mr. Collins, and was quite gutted to learn of his condition. Orange Juice themselves were brilliant at writing pop tunes, but they also inspired a whole generation of bands who proudly put Glasgow on the indie rock map way back when. Someone from The Guardian once called Edwyn "the Scottish Cole Porter". For the uninitiated, Heathers on Fire (listed as a compilation) is great if you can find it. Anyone know the statistical likelihood of a full recovery following a brain haemorrhage like what he suffered?
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Ah jeez. I loved Orange Juice. Saw them twice on their tour after 'Falling and Laughing' was released (he said, showing his age).
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Orange Juice were on my Mefi Mix this time around. It's a shame he never blew up in the states besides his one hit.

This is a really sad, and I hope he pulls through. Thanks for the info.
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I think it's very bad: From the Scotsman: The Scot’s distraught wife is keeping a vigil at his bedside in a London hospital where doctors are still trying to stabilise his condition.

His spokeswoman said: "There’s still no change in his condition. Doctors are continuing to try and stabilise him and his family are keeping a constant vigil."

(part of me hopes this thread has a tinkerbell effect or something--but letting more people know about his music ensures his survival in a way too, i guess)
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I'm sorry to hear this. I adore "A Girl Like You" (it's kind of a personal anthem) and want more, more, more of Collins' music.
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Sad to hear. A very talented guy, to say the least.
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Colins "out of danger."
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oh, great news!!! thanks Quarter! : >
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