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From the Top is a weekly radio show broadcast throughout the USA. It originates from Boston's New England Conservatory, but travels all over showcasing young classical musicians. The show can be heard (RealAudio) from the website, and there is an extensive library as well an archive of past shows (photos too)... the kids are very talented, and the show's hosts are great at bringing out their personalities.
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I dunno, it's always seemed a bit geriatric to me. But they've got such a great attitude, like those wunnerful "Hooray For Everything" kids!
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One of the most compelling pieces I've heard on that show was the story of a young man who played a woodwind instrument (oboe?) who suffered severe burns in an accident resulting in the loss of most of one hand. He had already been offered a scholarship at USC.

He just couldn't live without music, so he.... took up the french horn, which requires one hand playing the valves and the other modulating pitch by being placed strategically in the bell of the horn. He became so good so quickly that USC converted his scholarship to a french horn scholarship.

They played an excerpt from his previous appearance on From the Top (on his old instrument) during the segment, had him personally describe the aftermath of the accident that changed his life, and then let him play music on his new instrument. The piece had me in tears- first of horror, then of sublime joy and admiration.

BTW... where was I last night? Listening to the Youth Orchestra of Greater Fort Worth 40th Anniversary Gala Concert at Bass Hall. (I have two sons in the orchestra).
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