Empowering Children Through the Art of Photography
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Kids with Cameras (warning, embedded QT video in link)
With an Oscar Nominated documentary, Born into Brothels, under her belt, Zana Briski's spinoff project, Kids with Cameras, teaches children growing up in difficult circumstances the art and skills of photography to empower them to appreciate the beauty and dignity of their own expression.
With projects in Calcutta, Haiti, Jerusalem and Cairo, they send great photographers to lead workshops, the children are given inexpensive 35mm cameras to capture whatever they choose and then the children's pictures are shown (and sold) around the world through exhibits, books and film.
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Some of these photos are pretty good.
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A similar project based out of the favelas of Rio: Olhares do morro. The project was started by a French photographer working in Santa Marta. They do a lot of pinhole photography seminars. The kids (well, some up to 20ish years) keep rights on them, and get 60% of the revenue from sales. The other 40% keeps the organization supplied for new seminars. Some of them have gone out to see their work exhibited as far away as Paris...
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This is a wonderful project! Great link.
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I feel like something similar (same person, different project?) was discussed here before and resulted in a lot of vitriol as I recall. Personally, I love this sort of thing. Thanks, fenriq!
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You mean 'Oscar winning documentary', as of about 40 minutes ago...
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I saw the documentary earlier this month and Briski took questions after the screening. She had just returned from India and gave further updates on the kids featured in the film and mentioned that land had been purchased for a school. I was impressed by her efforts to get the various children enrolled in school, against all odds. The Cairo project looks like it will also focus on the kids of a marginalized group of workers (garbage collectors).
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The more I learned about Zana Briski, the more I am impressed and fascinated by her. I wish I'd seen her win the Oscar last night, her work is what I think these gaudy award shows should be focused on.
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