The TV Typewriter
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Typing...on a screen! Text (and cover image) of a 1973 issue of Radio-Electronics mag, showing a new fangled way of typing with a TV screen. I like how the mag is billed as "for MEN with ideas in electronics." Heh...
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The link won't work for me.
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It works for me (Safari/OS X)

On the one hand it is easy to look back on these 1973 people and be amused. On the other hand, they got a man to the moon four years earlier.

I wonder what that font was?
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SAC - you have to type like this
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... to get in

Dang, left off that part.
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Wow. I used to read Don Lancaster's every word. He was the open tech prophet of his day. His TTL Cookbook "changed my life" in that it made computers of the day click in my brain and put me on the course whereby I make my living. He was also a pretty weird hacker of capitalism. Sample: "The simplest solution to outrageously high medical insurance premiums is: Don't get sick."
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Wow. I remember seeing that very magazine on sale.

If you'll excuse me now, I need some Geritol before Matlock comes on. *groan*
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The byline was "By DON LANCASTER."

Hail the inventor of teh Internets!
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His GuruGrams are great.
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