Ivan Ho!
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Ivan Brunetti, in addition to drawing dirty little comics (nsfw) and illustrations, has a great collection of vintage photographs of models, both demure and not-so-demure (again, nsfw), Hollywood starlets, cats, and comics ephemera. Finally, he also has a blog featuring a Doodle-a-Day.
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Good stuff, RJ. Of the DLCs, I'd have to say this is the only one that generated a guffaw. But that one is cartoonery at its finest.
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Fascinating. I was first introduced to Ivan Brunetti back in 1989 or so by my cousin at the University of Chicago who showed me this hilarious little comic book called Misery Loves Comedy. (It's the only internet description I could find). It's one of those single-frame comic strips that centered on this anthropomorphic phallus named Leck, usually. Looking back again at the book now, I still think it's pretty funny, although apparently Mr. Brunetti is kind of embarrassed about this old work.
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He's taught cartooning classes at my school (where he's also a web designer). I can't imagine what it'd be like to have him as a teacher after having read (and enjoyed) the miasma of self-loathing that is Schizo. I almost wanted to take the class to find out.

Also, his audition strips for Nancy are so much better than what's being done by whomever they have drawing it these days.
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Why isn't he in the Sunday papers? That Nancy strip is the best Nancy I've ever seen.
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Wow - those Nancy strips are certainly the polar opposite of the product-placement crap that's running in papers now. Both funny and true to the original 'Nancy' spirit (which is not easy). My guess is that his fatal error was not drawing Aunt Fritzi with big enough tits.
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Thanks for the dose of Brunetti!
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"Why isn't he in the Sunday papers? That Nancy strip is the best Nancy I've ever seen."

I don't think Ivan is personally structured to do a daily comic strip. It took him a few years between Schizos, after all, and I don't think ever actually completed Schizo #4.

Somewhere in storage I have an original of his comic strip "Dim-Witted Genetic Atrocity With a Hard-On," which, strangely, my wife would not allow me to put up in the house.
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