NASA ASRS Callback
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A Confessional for Pilots - To improve aviation safety in America, NASA runs the ASRS, a service that collects voluntary, anonymous reports on aviation-related goofs in exchange for certain immunities and suggestions of clemency. Every month selected reports are published in the Callback newsletter, showcasing the full spectrum of factors that lead flyers to bad decisions: distraction, bad habits, overconfidence, poor planning, "get-home-itis", and on and on...
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...Many of the reports are rather technical, written by pilots, controllers, flight crews, and mechanics to aviation professionals, so identifying the human factors can take some examination. Some selected reports (might need to scroll): getting careless in perfect weather, a jacket left hanging off of the plane, an inadvertent trip to Canada, dealing with marginal (and worsening) weather...

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This is very cool. I wanted to be a pilot for the longest time, and had begun the quest by getting my student's license and soloing back in 1991. It even got to the point where I wanted to work for the NTSB, I had found the accident reports so fascinating. Money, and other things got in the way of that career path, but, still, it's kind of cool to see these other occasions, where there was no actual accident happening, but people are given the opportunity to talk about it. Thanks for posting this!
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I have actually submitted a report through the ASRS system, back when it was new and shiny. It worked well, and let to a minor change in the airport traffic procedures in the Wilmington, DE-Philadelphia area.
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Wow, around 3000 a month are reported. Very interesting post, thanks.
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Scroll down to "In the 'Go Mode'" on this page.
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also worth checking out is the Professional Pilots Rumour Network
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One of my best friends finally became a professional pilot this month, but the hardships and costs associated with that career path are enormous. He became a pilot 4-5 years ago and has worked in aviation for the last two, but he's been struggling and dealing with rejection for much of that time. You may see him flying your plane within the next 6 months!
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This is a fantastic post. Thank you!
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This is great, thanks.
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