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English Cut. the website of thomas mahon, bespoke savile row tailor, london.
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Something that I didn't know would interest me, until I read it. Now I think it's interesting. Thanks.
posted by adgnyc at 7:25 AM on March 1, 2005

This is a great site. He seems to put as much care into his site as he does into his suits. I've wanted a *really nice* suit for a while (although am no closer to being able to afford one). I'm leaning towards Paul Smith, though, rather than Savile Row (which is probably cheaper, too).
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No idea why I'd want a £500 pair of trousers, but I do.

"A grand pair of pants", for our US and Yorkshire listeners.
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Tailors seem to fall into that realm of craftspersons, like carpenters and masons, who must really create art in their work to succeed at all. After all, their basic functions are more easily replaced by more streamlined manufacturing machines.

At least, their art is more appreciated among the general populace. People generally do not see the aesthetic in a good wiring job or proper water works, for example.
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This is great! You don't usually think of the tailoring or design that goes into having fabric fit the body. This was a good look into the artisian clothing market...

Steelbuddha - there's a certain beauty in the water movement through the settling tanks and aeration tanks in a water treatment plant, and having pulled wire myself I like seeing a neat job of wiring - but most people never see (or even think of) the infrastructure that keeps their lives comfortable, convenient, and sanitary.

The field of civil engineer is a greatly underappreciated one, I think...

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Interesting side note (that is in no way an attempt to threadjack!) This site is a collaboration with Gaping Void's Hugh MacLeod. It's quite interesting to read his entries on the success of the site (as well as on various and sundry other topics) and his theories behind blog-based marketing.
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I like this entry about how to spot a drunken tailor.

So, how many of you, upon first seeing this post, immediately said "Ooh, suits you, sir, suits you"?
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This is utterly fascinating - exactly what adgnyc said (which is surely the ideal response to a MeFi post, I'd say).

I look forward to being able to put some business Mr. Mahon's way... in, say, 20 or 30 years time, when I can afford it...
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Fascinating site, although BoingBoing had this link weeks ago.
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