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The Spaghetti Book Club offers book reviews by kids for kids, searchable in a variety of ways. (And most of the reviews are also illustrated by the kid-authors!). One of my favorites begins: "Do you like bad ideas or thinking about them? Well, if you like bad ideas then you should read The Book of Bad Ideas. The Book of Bad Ideas is a book that has bad ideas you really shouldn't try at home. If you try them you'll be soooorrrrryyyyy! If you want to learn more about it, I'll suggest a website but I don't know any. Maybe you should read the book."
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This is a great idea for a student project! It can be hard to make writing assignments seem like they have some purpose, and this Web site really gives them one. Plus the pictures are fun.
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'“BEAR ATTACK!” This spine chilling quote is from Alaska and it will keep your teeth chattering throughout the whole book.'

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This website has lots of reviews and pictures in it. The reviews are good and tell you if the book is good or bad. Some of the pictures are bad because they are drawn by very small kids.

The best bit was when a kid said they missed their puppy.

I would recommend this site to other kids because they might find out about a good book and then read it.

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A+, dodgy!

I love the illustration for this one.

I also really like this review ("If you think it's easy being in charge of two little people, you are SO wrong. The characters run across problems... My favorite part was when Boone the cowboy, shot Patrick in his cheek! (Don't worry they're little people, so it didn't really hurt). ")

And in a review of "Walter the Farting Dog": "My favorite part of the story was when Walter was taking a bath, because it is good to take baths. My favorite character was Walter, because he is funny. I can relate to this story because sometimes farting happens."
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This is really cute.
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I can just imagine what a thrill it must be for these kids to see their work on this site.
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