On Demand. Thomas Demand, that is.
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Thomas Demand is a photographer with an interesting working process. He starts with an image of a location, and then carefully reconstructs the location in his studio using cardboard and paper. His photographs of these reconstructions have an almost painterly quality, reminiscent of the work of Gerhard Richter. Demand has a mid-career retrospective opening at the MoMA. (NYT link, among others.)
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I like his stuff...not quite as cold as some other folks' .
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His work is really amazing. I saw an exhibition at SITE Santa Fe a few years ago. It took a while for me to figure out they were cardboard scenes. (I'm glad I didn't read his blurb first.) In one photo he constructed an entire office with fake copy machine, phones, etc. His pieces have an eerie quality.
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New York Times Generator Link for: "Painterly Photographs of a Slyly Handmade Reality" (referenced in FPP above).
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Thomas Demand images: here, here and here.
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ericb - Your generator link confuses me, however, I appreciate the extra image links. I didn't want to make a link bonanza in the FPP, so I'm glad to find a few more in here. :)
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MetaFilter: a link bonanza
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You can use the New York Times Link Generator to create a "registration-free" link to a New York Times article.

That way, folks clicking on a link to a NYT's article don't have to provide a subscriber name and password (albeit such is free, but cumbersome for many).

Logout of NYT's and/or clear your cache ... and you'll see that the NYTLG link by-passes the registration gateway.
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Can we all agree in the future not to post anything about an artist without a substantial and adequate gallery of images included? The NYT slide show is not enough to judge Demand's photography...and god forbid one read the supplied captions.

I love discovering new artists mentioned on MetaFilter, but please don't tease.
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Well, I googled a bit and got very confused. This is a photo of an exhibition of his photography as exhibited at GalerĂ­a Helga de Alvear.

Except it's actually his photo of a model he made from a photo he took of an exhibition of his photography as exhibited at GalerĂ­a Helga de Alvear. Meta. The link leads to more.

There's a (real) book of his work here.
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reminds me of Lothar Osterburg but colder.
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full_stop : I don't understand where the "tease" comes in. I linked to three articles about the artist, all of which contained images. As said before, I didn't want to post a "link bonanza" in the FPP as that is often frowned upon, but another user supplied more links to image galleries. If the information in both the post itself and the added links is not enough from you, there's always google.

I don't think that MetaFilter should be the end of all research - I've certainly done my own on topics that I've found here. While exhaustive posts have their place, so do posts meant as an introduction to a subject or an artist. I didn't feel comfortable doing the former because of complaints lodged against "google padding," so I chose the latter.
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but we're lazy. gallery links make things easier.

also, let me make sure i'm getting this right. he takes photos, recreates the scene in paper, and then takes a photo of it? if so, it's a lot of work, but it looks spectacular.
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