Electrifying artwork
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Electrifying art! This is my favorite, but maybe you'll prefer fine art or kitsch or deco.
posted by centerpunch (4 comments total)
Oh fine, I'll bite:
"I pity the fool who don't bid on my switchplate!"
posted by ChrisTN at 6:47 AM on March 5, 2005

Pretty tacky. I feel for people who have "quad rocker" switches in their home, coupled with a desire for novelty fine art switchplates. You wouldn't be able to make out any of the design.
posted by fire&wings at 7:50 AM on March 5, 2005

Wish I'd thought of that. Questions of taste aside, they're going to make money.
posted by Miko at 8:09 AM on March 5, 2005

Aw, man, I totally want the Trylon and Perisphere one. I almost got a tattoo of them once.
posted by ITheCosmos at 9:38 AM on March 5, 2005

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