The Harmonograph
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The Harmonograph is a device that translates motion into drawings called Lissajous curves or just harmonograms. Build your own or just check out the various online emulators. [Java required for emulators]
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Topic selected after reading this book: Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music.
posted by Gyan at 2:18 PM on March 5, 2005

There was one of these in my local museum as a kid, it always fascinated me. It was much larger than the example pictured and employed a much more complicated system of weights and pendulums, beautiful to watch. I'd more or less forgotten about it. Great links, and I now know its name.
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Nice! Never heard of these. Many thanks
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Olders like me will recognize Lissajous curves as those funny patterns on the computer monitors in the ancient TV show "The Time Tunnel"
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Fascinating, cheers!
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Those of us who aren't as old as Nyrath will recognize Lissajous curves as one kind of the funny patterns that showed up on screensavers in the 90s.
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Really neat, thanks.
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Gyan, thanks for the link to that book. Much appreciated.
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They look better on oscilloscopes. And in pen: the pen table ones are awesome.
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When I was a child (many moons ago) I received a present that I'd love to have kept: a plastic Harmonograph.

It attached to a table with suction cups, and the weights were small plastic bags which one filled with water. Several plastic poles were held together with small metal pins, and it all went together to create wonderful designs exactly like those described in the article.

If any one has a clue what this toy was called, I'd love to see if it was still available.
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