Bert & Ernie -- Happiness
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Todd Solondz + Childrens Television Workshop [Flash; Not Safe For Anyone]
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(FWIW: previously linked in a comment here.)
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well, someone's in a mood. thanks fir the warm, snuggly feelings, p_g! :)
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moonbird is either being ironic or is blissfully unaware of the source material (I suggest he stays that way: it's not snuggly).
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i enjoyed 'happiness', but that is just wrong
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Well, there's another three or four minutes I'll never get back. I kept waiting for some redeeming punchline, song, something.
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do bert and ernie come felt?
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I supposed this is supposed to be all hip and ironically funny, but it put me in mind of important father-son conversations I'm unlikely to have with my boy now that I'm separated and living several states away from him. The law of unintended consequences as applied to FPPs, I guess.

At least I got to see that HST was a pipe smoker. I'd wondered about that.
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Oh man, I need like six showers now...
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did you come?
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I actually took a first-date to Happiness when it *ahem* came out. The relationship was not fated to last long.

Thanks Todd!
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Happiness is a disturbing yet satisfying film. But, primarily disturbing.
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I don't know what to say just now...
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Another not-especially-good-for-first-dates movie: Fargo. But I still love both of them.

I didn't think much of this - it's a funny enough idea, but the video doesn't actually tie into the dialogue much at all. All of the discomfort comes from remembering the scene in Happiness, and the dissonance of thinking that this guy is both a really good dad and a really bad person at the same time.
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Here's something I've been wanting to do for a while, if I had the tools and the know-how: I would take the De Niro and Scorsese characters from Shark Tale and animate them speaking the dialogue from Taxi Driver where Scorsese talks about how he's going to shoot his girlfriend in the pussy.
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...and I think the scale on the TMI Meter just pegged out...
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Having never seen (or to be honest) heard of the movie the dialogue is from...I just have to say...eeewh.
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