corporate hate, does it hurt?
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You Suck! Forbes recently published an article detailing [their favorite] top 10 corporate hate websites, with some not so surprising names on the list. Or you can roll your own. Grassroots in action, but does that action actually change anything? (found via /.)
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prize for best URL has to go to this classic United Airlines hate site:
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There's always this one.
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My personal favourite.
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An Australian site that has had some success is Not Good Enough. NGE takes on customer complaints against any company and looks to work towards a resolution. A lot of corporations have badmouthed them in the past, but they usually end up coming to the party.
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Check out the company response to the verzion website. Everyone else called out one of their herd of PR people to say something reasonably bland, but I guess a CEO their eleven-year old field it on a whim or something.
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Corporate hate site. Something squishy about that term. Is it the corps that the sites hate, or is it lousy goods and services?
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Let's not forget the haters at
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Almost any company has at least some haters. But the ones that have just massive amounts of angry customers and horror stories are the ones you should stay away from.

For example, I had a bad experience with U-Haul about a year ago, and afterwards I typed in "u-haul sucks" into Google and was stunned at the number of results. Should have looked before using them.
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For some reason, Forbes didn't place a prominent link to Fuck Microsoft.
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Nice of Forbes to come up with some original material.
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Don't forget the original corporate slander site, FuckedCompany
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It doesn't seem to be online anymore, but I always thought it was kind of clever that the anti-Qwest website was Beats having a boring blahsucks domain, at any rate.
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I was always fond of this one, now gone and relegated to the wayback machine: EDS
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