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Leisure Town has long been considered one of the most brilliant web 'comics' to ever exist. Authored by one of the geniuses at Jerkcity, the site is finally back after an extended hiatus. Enjoy some of the finest offensive humor ever written. [all links offensive, probably NSFW]
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I happened to notice this today by chance - It's a good day! There has been a complete mirror up for some time now but I am glad Tristan is back in the game. I hope he makes some more works.
posted by ae4rv at 9:08 PM on March 9, 2005

Indeed. I've checked every week or so for over a year now, hoping something would change. Today, finally, it did.
posted by Ryvar at 9:11 PM on March 9, 2005

yeah, this is excellent. I wasn't a huge fan or anything, so I didn't even know he was gone, but it's nice to know that he hasn't retired either way.
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Tristan Farnon is the Hunter S. Thompson of the "information age," and it's good to know that he hasn't killed himself.
actually, I think he's better than HST...
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Obligitory link to brilliant online comic:

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LimePi: honestly I don't think you can really compare the two, because Tristan is sarcastic and scatalogical where HST is intentionally subjective and sensational. That being said, aside from the fact that they're both uproariously funny they both seem to stir similar feelings in me as well. Sidenote: the "Enjoy" link is by far the best of the bunch. It is an unparalleled presentation of the dot-com boom as farce.
I think he's better too.

On preview: PBF is awesome. The answer to those lamenting the loss of The Far Side.
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My favorite was always 'The Christmas Suicide Balloon'... Glad to see these back up.
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It should be noted that the strips in "A Comedy Crisis" are up in their original Dilbert glory.
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Little Known Fact #6875: There has never been a comic called "The Parking Lot is Full".
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I miss PLIF. That cartoon permanently warped me.


Unfortunately one of the team left and the other can only seem to manage posting bizarre and nonsensical diatribes to his email list for Neolithic Cassarole, which was supposed to be a webtoon or something by now but has been only vaporware so far.

"Polly wants some mutherfuckin' crack!"

Leisure Town has always kinda bored me. It's just too much noise about nothing at all, all while seeming to try a bit too much. Jerk City is fantastic, however repetitive and cock-centric. Glub.
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You call that offensive? This is offensive. (nsfw) Previously here.
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Glad to see this is back. I missed it too. It's amazing how much bile can be transferred through those blank rubber faces.
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yay from me too! : >
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I feel a burning need to mention Mr. Wiggles.
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To this day, 8 years later, friends of mine still quote from the earlier comics. 'Around and Around' is one of my alltime favorites, but nothing beats "Someone's about to learn a very important lesson about me having waffles and pie."
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Triple yay and thanks Ryvar for keeping tabs.
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Now if only Roy F. would bring back Hotendotey!
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O this is a Happy Day!
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