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Before he broke on through (to the other side), Jim Morrison--yes, of The Doors--starred in this promotional film produced by Florida State University, circa 1964.
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The appeal of cinema lies in the fear of death.--Jim Morrison
posted by fandango_matt at 1:24 AM on March 10, 2005

The appeal of life lies in the fear of profound.
posted by wsg at 2:06 AM on March 10, 2005

Wow, I get to be the first person to point this out...

Prominent cock bulge in the mailbox shot.
posted by shmegegge at 2:49 AM on March 10, 2005

Oh my god. That is hilarious. Jim Morrison as college dork.

Next we're going to see him in film shorts from the 50s with him as a little kid learning what the world would be like without zinc.
posted by Jupiter Jones at 9:02 AM on March 10, 2005

Thankfully they cut the clip off before he asked the admissions counselor, "You wanna see my cock?" and all hell broke loose...
posted by jonmc at 9:02 AM on March 10, 2005

Heh. (Scroll down to "Plans & Ambitions)
posted by fandango_matt at 9:19 AM on March 10, 2005

Dude. When I worked at the FSU movie channel, we *so* had that in our archives.

If only we had realized the goldmine of kitschy goodness we were sitting on. Ah well.
posted by methylsalicylate at 9:49 AM on March 10, 2005

Remember the days when college videos only consisted of white people?
posted by milnak at 2:40 PM on March 10, 2005

What's with the film "Falluja" that came up after the Morrison/FSU film? Cool music, lots of explosions. Like, showing how KEWL it was to join the army and kill people, or something like that.

I liked the Jim Morrison film. I was just a tad too young to be aware of him during his career.
posted by Goofyy at 6:44 AM on March 11, 2005

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