Alien Hominid a.k.a. old school woo~!
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Alien Hominid is a completely hand-drawn cartoony action game in the style of Metal Slug and Contra, and is based entirely around the very playable (and very hard) flash game of the same name. Here's a video of the console version in action, and a delightful Insert Credit article.
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Didn't this used to be on Newgrounds like ten years ago? I quit lurking there after while because it got stale. I even made a few really bad submissions before giving it up.
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As my link denotes, it is still on Newgrounds. DUN DUN DUNNNN~!

It only recently got made into an actual console game, though. It's supposed to be a heart-warming indie success story, or something. Capcom is involved somehow.

I hope people enjoy it. Once I have more than Visa debt in my wallet, I think I'll buy it.
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Oops, just goes to show how I'm just a one link reading bastard!!!!
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This is hard, very hard! Why would I want to buy a console version of something that's going to kill me in two minutes?

Learning curve??

That said I love it and will be coming back for more of the flash fun.

(Bangs head on table).
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there's actually a direct relation between the difficulty of a game and whether or not you use your thumbs or your other fingers to manipulate it. the relation being that it's easier if you can use your thumbs.

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The learning curve is way up there. It's something you really need to get into the groove for. I just almost finished the first level, haha, which wasn't something I could previous do. But yeah, I still want to come back for more.

I had to stop because I've got a presentation to figure out.
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Whoa! I just got this for my son's GameCube. So f'n awesome. So good. Probably my favorite game for the GC.
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Its a pretty impressive effort that it started as 2 guys making a flash game. Well done!
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So the GameCube game is no where near as hard as the Flash game, and infinitely better. As shmegegge said, I think a great deal of the difference has to do with the gamepad vs. keyboard. But that's not to imply the game is a simple port of the Flash version. For those not inclined to read through the site, the game was completely rebuilt. The flash version looks hideous and slow by comparison.

If you miss the good old days of 2-D games, you must buy this game. One drawback, though, it's a bit short, but it's also one of the few games you'll keep playing after you beat it.

From my understanding, Capcom itself is not involved, but... actually it's in the first link:

O~3 Entertainment has picked up Alien Hominid for North America. O~3 Entertainment is a new video game publisher headed by industry legend Bill Gardner, the former President of Capcom North America.
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I want this game in the worst way, but I just bought the dissapointing Shadow of Rome and blew my game allowance for about a half a year. Ugh. Also, this is in stores and not just bought online, right?
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I'm assuming it is in stores, but sometimes niche neo-retro games like this don't get a wide distribution, so if you don't have a really awesome niche game shop nearby, you MIGHT have to go it online.

I'd check your local haunts first.

Yeah, doing this FPP totally makes me want to buy it now. I'm so self-counter-productive.
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I've seen it in stores. Just a note.
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Did they tone down the language in the console version? I noticed an in games billboard that says "Balls. Its whats for dinner".
posted by doozer_ex_machina at 5:57 AM on March 11, 2005

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