Cognitive Daily
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Cognitive Daily reports nearly every day on fascinating peer-reviewed developments in cognition from the most respected scientists in the field.
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This is seriously great. Thanks!
posted by josh at 6:58 PM on March 11, 2005

This is deja vu, I was just thinking about cognition.
posted by StickyCarpet at 7:08 PM on March 11, 2005

I was thinking about considering cognition earlier, but I waited until now.
posted by WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot at 7:16 PM on March 11, 2005

Note the link on CD to O'Reilly brain-blog Mind Hacks (for the three MeFiers who haven't already seen it).
posted by NickDouglas at 7:26 PM on March 11, 2005

Great post, I was wondering why there aren't any good general cogsci blogs the other day.

Also related, CogNews, but it doesn't get updated as often.
posted by formless at 7:42 PM on March 11, 2005 considering a concentration (minor) in cognitive studies...this went straight to my inks bar in firefox.
posted by Kifer85 at 8:16 PM on March 11, 2005

posted by Kifer85 at 8:16 PM on March 11, 2005

[this is good] and the site has a convenient full-text RSS feed at, too.
posted by cgc373 at 8:54 PM on March 11, 2005

Very good site. Mixing Memory is my favorite cognitive science blog.
posted by painquale at 10:50 AM on March 12, 2005

The "cognitive" and "cogsci" tags are fun.
posted by Laen at 1:34 AM on March 13, 2005

This is fascinating stuff, people! Thanks for sharing.
posted by r3tr0 at 7:09 AM on March 14, 2005

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