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So it's Sunshine Week. That's not a weather forecast, but a creation of the press to focus attention on the need for more open government. Some sites have posted How-To Guides on filing a FOIA request, a skill without which sites like this wouldn't be able to publish entertaining mugshots and court documents. My local paper has a package of articles on Sunshine Week. Anything happening in your town?
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1.21 Jigawatts!?!
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Nice post baltimore. Just like to add: Tapping Officals’ Secrets provides a link to state FOI guides.

University of Florida Citizen Access Project ranks state FOI access and allows the user to compare states.

38 Noteworthy Articles Made Possible By FOIA In 2003-2004 from the GWU National Security Archive.

Open Government Advocates Find Allies Among GOP Lawmakers.
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The paper here in Panama City, FL, did a pretty comprehensive survey of compliance by all the PDs, ISDs, and City Governments of all the surrounding areas. Roughly half flat refused to give out the requested information, and another quarter questioned the identity \ motives of those requesting the info to various degrees.

(I, unfortunately, cannot link to the article because it's subscription-based and not free)

One might quibble if it's REALLY a violation of the law to refuse to hand out government personnel records to someone without at least acquiring a name (I wouldn't think so) but some of the departments absolutely grilled the undercover reporters to the point that no average citizen would've put up with it. ("Why do you want those records, son? You think your girlfriend filed a report on you?")

I wonder if having this Sunshine Sunday happening nationwide will do anything to increase public awareness? Or will it just get swept under the rug?
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OpentheGovernment has tons of info, including this: U.S. official secrets multiplying at fast pace
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related: Stop Fake News
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related: Stop Fake News
Uh oh. Jon Stewart will not be pleased.
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: >
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While I constantly rag on the Honolulu Advertiser for being a soul-less outpost of the cold Gannett Empire, they bumped themselves up a few notches in my estimation with their "Sunshine Week" series.
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