Cowgirls, daredevils, and rodeo queens
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Most folks know about Jane and Annie but there were many more oldtime daredevils and rodeo queens who paved the way for contemporary cowgirls (flash). More than 170 trailblazers are included in the Dallas Cowgirl Hall of Fame...women who have been the inspiration for art, erotica, kitsch, and the dreams of girls of all ages.
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This is good, particularly the films through the contemporary cowgirls link. Thanks, madamjujujive!
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Great post!
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Nice post! My mom collects antique postcards and her specialty area is loosely labelled "women doing unusual things" She has a few pages up with some descriptions and postcard images: cowgirls, motorcycle riders, spirited girls
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Don't forget about the Cowgirl Hall of Fame, offering the best greasy spoon tex-mex brunch in the West Village.
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Oh wow, mjjj! Your post takes me back to my Montana childhood, where I galloped around the yard with my pony on a stick and dreamed of being a cowgirl. I had real white cowgirl boots and I cried when I outgrew them. Turns out I never got to ride a horse until I was 16 and got on a friend's horse, with her, and since we were both stoned at the time, we fell off, giggling madly. Thanks for the great post and the memories!
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since we were both stoned at the time, we fell off, giggling madly

Imagine what the horse thought! ;-P
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Excellent links!

So strange to think that (according to the third link) women were allowed to do more on the rodeo circuit in the 1920s than now.
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jessamyn, I almost included that page! Your Mom's collection of cards is based on a great theme line, I love it. Btw, your Mom is almost my neighbor - just a town or two away.

psmealey, your link reminds me that there is a fun Cowgirl Hall of Fame eatery in Santa Fe, too - a fun place.

Lynsey, thanks for sharing the Montana memories - with a birthplace like that, you are a cowgirl by default even if you fell off the horse ;-)

jb, apparently women have been barred from bronc riding since Bonnie McCarroll's 1929 death at the Pendelton Roundup. Of course, male riders have died too, but cowboys can still compete.
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Ummm, the "Dallas Cowgirl Hall of Fame..."???

The Cowgirl Hall of Fame is NOT in Dallas, it's in Fort Worth. Two different cities with very different flavors, separated by about 30 miles. Dallas really is an "eastern" city, while Fort Worth is Where the West Begins.
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gah, of course you are correct, Doohickie - thanks for the correction and the elucidating link!
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A wonderful set of links, mj3 thanks. I fondly remember Calamity Jane from my childhood, but was otherwise woefully in the dark about cowgirls in general.
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Aw. I, too, had a pair of cowboy boots as a young girl — my most treasured footwear ever! In fact, of all my childhood wardrobe, I basically only remember (quite distinctly) those wonderful boots, and a luscious pair of fur-lined Eskimo mukluks — proving, I guess, that I wanted to be both cowboy and Indian! Thanks, sweet juju.
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