Piles of Polish Posters (Plakaty) Posted Presently.
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Freedom on the Fence: The Polish Poster. While we're at it: The history and culture of the Polish poster and an analysis of American Films in Polish Posters. Or, if you'd prefer, The Classic Polish Film Poster database (where the Disney/Children's film posters are quite lovely). Also, The Wallace Library at the Rochester Institute of Technology has a fantastic searchable and browse-able database, with many hi-res images. Finally, some other Polish Poster Galleries. (What's that? You want more? You want artist-specific galleries? Okay. Here's work by Mieczyslaw Gorowski, Piotr Kunce, Wieslaw Walkuski, and Jan Sawka. Oh, you wanted Communist-era Polish propaganda posters? Fine. Here ya go.) [previous MeFi discussion on Polish film posters; also, some of the images from these links may be NSFW, depending on how S your W environment is.]
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Fantastic post. Great choice of links, excellent content, extra props for linking to previous discussion.

These posters are the height of their craft -- they must have worked well for their intended events. I only wish these images were larger.
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man, i wish you'd posted this about 4 days ago. I just gave a presentation on polish movie posters (and ones from ghana) on friday in one of my classes. *sigh*

great post tho. nice to see what i missed on my own research.
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Very nice! I'm a Polish poster, myself...
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wonderful post, thanks
posted by matteo at 1:33 AM on March 14, 2005

Yeah, you bet your dupah I'm Polish (-American)! This is a great post that will take a while to get all the way through. I have it bookmarked. Thanks.

I may use some of the images to gussy up my genealogy files.
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Great post.
Two other Polish Poster sites I frequent are Polish Poster Gallery and PolishPoster.com
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Also great: Polish Circus posters (which I collect.)

Beautiful stuff.

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great, thanks!
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Great links, everyone! Good reminder of how culture can survive just about anything.
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