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While looking to cook something new, I found a woman's story of growing up in Romania and her immigration to the United States.
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Some immigrants at the boarding house suggested that we go to an X-rated movie (nothing of the kind was ever distributed in Romania.) Out of curiosity, we went, and also went to a live striptease show given in a large theatre. We were the only women at both performances and we created a sensation. Several men followed us to the boarding house trying to make our acquaintance. We had a hard time convincing them to give up.

This is great, nice find!
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I recommend the sarmale and the mititei.

For more personal but current accounts of Romania, this is an interesting site. Also, the section in Balkan Ghosts about Romania blew me away.

Thanks pieoverdone.
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Sorry to be mean, but this woman lost so many jobs because she didn't get along with her co-workers, it's kind of hard to feel sorry for her! I just feel bad about her mother.
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Multumesc, pieoverdone
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I more enjoyed reading the recipes. Even though I'll never make them because they're impossibly rich. But it's nice to dream about eating polenta with all that butter and cheese.
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Great read. Reading stuff like this makes me wonder how some people just do so much "stuff" in their lives; I mean this woman has had so many experiences that seem completely disruptive. Anyway...it's a bit hard to feel bad for her job-wise towards the end when she made a big fuss about her office setup not being very feng-shui.
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