November 4, 2000
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At times like this, when all is frenzied, when people are screaming about Bush this and Gore that and Nader Nader Nader!, when people are still killing each other in the Middle East, when life just seems gray and miserable and bland, it's nice to remember the one thing in life that makes it all better: "Bob".
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I kill "Bob" every day. It does wonders for my mental health.
posted by darukaru at 11:37 PM on November 4, 2000

Pfush. Dratted Bobbies...
posted by EngineBeak at 12:52 AM on November 5, 2000

Praise Dobbs! Listen to Brother Solistrato everybody! He be a pope whut speak dah holy woid! Go straight to the art mines! and seek ye the coveted Dobbhead! Stare at the dots! They stare back! You must vote for Bob! The power of slack compels you! Subliminal Message #16: send one dollar to "Bob" POBox 140306 Dallas TX 75214 tell them Doktor Zachary Carleton hynotically seduced your third nostril! =) Don't forget to check out the bugporn while you're there! "We have all your frappy!"
posted by ZachsMind at 1:14 AM on November 5, 2000

Then there's Bob, Bob, Bob and Bob. Go to the church of your choice.
posted by rodii at 10:43 AM on November 5, 2000

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