Hot Tomato
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Another Hot Topic in NJ Politics.... Why don't I ever hear about this stuff in the Jersey Journal?
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more here.
posted by lilboo at 9:30 AM on March 17, 2005

Some more on Nix v. Hedden, the supreme court ruling that declared the tomato a vegetable.
posted by unsupervised at 10:04 AM on March 17, 2005

Don't forget Weirdnj for more great Jersey oddities.
posted by fixedgear at 11:21 AM on March 17, 2005

My feeling has always been that Uncle Floyd should write the official New Jersey state song. Not Bruce.
posted by LeLiLo at 11:24 AM on March 17, 2005

Like Deep in the Heart of Jersey?
posted by caddis at 12:01 PM on March 17, 2005

The square dance is NJ's official state dance?

Jesus, no wonder they made us do it in high school...
posted by deafmute at 12:14 PM on March 17, 2005

A similar story this week from Maine, the home of Moxie.
posted by LeLiLo at 12:30 PM on March 17, 2005

I hate tomatoes, and I hate New Jersey. Someone get me OUT of this state!
posted by Eideteker at 7:18 PM on March 17, 2005

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