The Price Is Right
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The Price Is Right has been around forever.. and has plenty of great fan sites. But not at No, sir.
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Well, mere words cannot express the anger that this link has caused me.

Oh the humanity!
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Intense, spooky, and painfully institutionally mundane all at once.

I wonder how much of their business is from power-exchangers, fetishists or roleplayers, if any.
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Oddly amusing.
I am curious about the pricing. I mean; forget about the wal-mart; I am a shopper now!
What will happen if the newly rehabilitated Martha Stewart gets ahold of some of this stuff? Pastels? Textures? New rehabilitational colours for a new, fresh, vibrant start?

I like the real Bob Barker, and I hope he is around for many more years to come. How goes it... ??? "the happiest hour on television" or something like that?
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The Golden Road site is worryingly comprehensive. Rain-manesque, even.
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Haha, this is an awesome post.
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Bob just wants to make sure you have your inmates spayed or neutered. For humanity and whatnot...
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Why is that little boy in jail?!
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> I wonder how much of their business is from power-exchangers, fetishists or roleplayers, if any.

I'd say that market is limited only to the people who want to pay the extra dollar and go through all the hoops for the real thing because the real thing's absolutely their kink. Meanwhile, those for whom the stuff that's almost like the actual institutional equipment are maybe content to shop at places where they don't have to fear questions about who they are or why they're purchasing the gear (unless that's the kink.)
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Bob Barker supplied all the basic toiletries for a MR/DD group home I worked for... really freaky now knowing that their business is aimed at prisons.
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"The price is wrong, bitch."

Sorry, it had to be said.
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I went to a Price is Right filming, and my friend won about $1500 worth of gear. Bob Barker is a nice guy, but I think he's an android.

So do you think the real Bob Barker has a secret blog somewheres detailing the shortcomings of each contestant and stuff like how sore he is from holding his microphone?
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About the BobBarker Company:
Every product in the Bob Barker family has been tested to ensure it is appropriate for institutional use. We smash radios on the floor and grind toothbrushes on cinderblock walls to see how easily they can be made into shanks. All of our hygiene products are screened for pork and other animal products to minimize conflicts with the practice of religious beliefs. And our mattresses are regularly tested to ensure that they meet the standards of ASTM.
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loquacious and SteelyDuran:

Believe me, I'd love to have a Leather Transport Belt and the TUFFLOCK High-Security lock looks interesting, but Steely is right; this stuff just costs too dang much. And good quality, heavy duty bondage gear from places like The Stockroom or from a local vendor is already plenty expensive. Also, it's worth noting that, while presumably effective for restraint in a prison setting, a lot of this stuff isn't very practical for play. For example, if you want the submissive to have her hands secured above her head or behind her back while you whack her with a cane, handcuffs are a bad choice for several reasons. The most important one being that there's liable to be a lot of moving around, writhing, and so forth and that metal will cut into the wrists. Don't get me wrong; I love handcuffs. I have a pair and I wish I could use them more often. It's just that they're only good in certain situations (plus, my most frequent play partner hates them). So prison restraints are neat, but nine times out of ten, a decent pair of standard issue black leather restraints or good old fashion nylon rope is going to be safer and more versatile.

Of course, the thought of being locked down in authentic prison gear does have a certain appeal, but probably not enough to convince someone to part with their cash unless they have a specific incarceration-related fetish.
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Contrary to somewhat popular belief, 5 Price Tags is not played at Door #1. The camera shot before the game's reveal is of Bob and the contestant walking to the right side of Door #2; this confuses some people, since most games have them standing to its left.

Well, thank God we got that cleared up! I feel so foolish for buying into 'popular belief' for so long.
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Why is that little boy in jail?!

Spun the wheel the wrong way. Broke everything.
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Where was this link the last time I was discussing the school uniform issue? They have a lot of stuff I wish I could use when the little darlings act up.

I think Bob's missing out on an entire market segment.
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Well, they got to get this stuff somewhere I guess.
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Is 8 the first number of the price of the orange jumpsuit, or is 5 the last number?
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It really makes you think.
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Seriously, now: How did this company go about registering the term "Bob Barker" for themselves? I mean, it's not like he wasn't already a household name a half a century ago. Can I just go out and register "Wink Martindale" or "Don Pardo" as the name for my new peer-to-peer MP3-swapping system?
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"I just used Don Pardo to download the new Beastie Boys album."
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