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How do you say “Give me the bat, Wendy” in Italian?
posted by growabrain (33 comments total)
This just in: foreign countries showing English movies sometimes replace the original dialogue soundtrack and replace it with the local language. This process is called "dubbing".

Ever lived abroad, growabrain, or even been to a foreign country?

/move along, nothing to see here
posted by zardoz at 11:47 PM on March 20, 2005

Hey!! Did you know that in the movie "Zardoz" Sean Connery runs around in a red diaper!
posted by Balisong at 12:35 AM on March 21, 2005

As a matter of fact, I was born in a foreign country, I traveled in dozens of foreign countries, I changed my citizenship to a different foreign country’s, I speak 5 foreign languages, and even now I am still foreign in a foreign land. I also know about dubbing, having studied cinema, having lived in France & having been both in Italy & Germany many times.
posted by growabrain at 12:57 AM on March 21, 2005

Ok then. You're a man of the world. So what's the point of this post?
posted by Optamystic at 1:20 AM on March 21, 2005

The point, is that it's actually quite funny (if you know Italian), he rants about car payments, cookies, among other things...

I'm now off to see the red diaper!
posted by lorbus at 1:36 AM on March 21, 2005

Okay then; It's comedic. Be a dear and translate for us non-Italian speaking types (added bonus: insert cliche joke about 'mono-lingual' being synonymous with American).

I'll also accept a barrage of Italian-speaking Mefites pledging that this clip is indeed funny, and that human existence as we know it will never be the same because you shared it with them.

Now, if you need me, I'll be at the Stanley Hotel, drinking at the bar. In my warthog mask.
posted by id at 2:12 AM on March 21, 2005

Bugger. No speakers right now. But grazie, growabrain. I'll be checking the link out later, as well as the other clips.

/Not sure if I want to see Sean Connery running around in a red diaper.
posted by romakimmy at 2:23 AM on March 21, 2005

Jesus, growabrain - a "Yes" would have sufficed...
posted by benzo8 at 3:34 AM on March 21, 2005

Wendy's ultra-mousy voiceover artist has a little hiccup thing going on. Perhaps that crying in Italian?
posted by moonbird at 4:14 AM on March 21, 2005

very funny, btw. good find.
posted by moonbird at 4:14 AM on March 21, 2005

How do you say, "zardoz, optamystic, benzo8 you guys are fucking insufferable" in Italian?

I found the clip amusing if only from the non synced audio-to -lips factor. Thanks, GaB
posted by yoga at 4:56 AM on March 21, 2005

yoga: Siete americani rompicoglioni.

NB: No actual Americans were harmed in the making of this comment, including the poster. Insert winky smiley emoticon here.

posted by romakimmy at 5:11 AM on March 21, 2005

It's been a while since I was in Italy, and I can't see the movie (WMP isn't installed), but Wendy, damme il pipistrello is right, isn't it?
posted by tss at 6:12 AM on March 21, 2005

Not all posts are useful/interesting/funny to all people. You don't like this one, go to another one. If you must comment, please say something useful/interesting or at least funny.

NB- Sarcasm is not funny.

This post, however, is.
posted by IndigoJones at 6:13 AM on March 21, 2005

The echo is missing, making the dialogue sound cheesy. The male voice sounds like a grumbling mythical beast. Kitsch factor: 7.5 (maybe higher if I understood italian).
posted by whatnot at 7:12 AM on March 21, 2005

i don't understand italian but the tone of the actors' voices was cheesy enough for some amusement value
posted by pyramid termite at 7:36 AM on March 21, 2005

tss - wrong type of "bat", but you have it infinitely funnier...

"Wendy, damme la mazza"...
posted by benzo8 at 7:48 AM on March 21, 2005

An anecdote about misguided dubbing and translating: My Venezuelan friend told me that when she was growing up in Caracas, "Magnum P.I." was actually translated to Spanish as "The Aggressive Mustache", which is what the show was called. rofl.
posted by naxosaxur at 7:53 AM on March 21, 2005

Hmmm... Sadly, here in Spain it's just "Mágnum" - "Mágnum, El Bigote Agresivo" would be worth watching!
posted by benzo8 at 8:00 AM on March 21, 2005

*hic* *hic* *hic* cried Shelly Long.

Cool, if only because it caused a movie to fill the entire content area of my RSS reader, thus making it look far more sophisticated.
posted by VulcanMike at 9:45 AM on March 21, 2005

Thre are two things funny about this thread.

One: the post.
Two: the poor-loser grumpiness of those whose attempted snark at the poster backfired so gloriously in their presumptious faces.

Deep joy.
posted by Decani at 10:14 AM on March 21, 2005

I think some people were just upset that the link wasn't to an Italian dubbed clip from The Matrix.

...of course, I could be wrong.
posted by bachelor#3 at 10:47 AM on March 21, 2005

Hee hee hee! It's funny because I can't understand what they're saying!
posted by ticopelp at 10:50 AM on March 21, 2005

Everything's sexier in Italian. *sigh*
posted by postmodernmillie at 11:38 AM on March 21, 2005

he echo is missing, making the dialogue sound cheesy. The male voice sounds like a grumbling mythical beast.

OK: the aptly named growabrain forgot to add that this is not Shining's real Italian language dubbing, it's a mildly funny spoof -- somebody added a soundtrack of weird dialogue in funny voices: Nicholson is complaining that his wife crashed the family car.
all, as I said, in funny voices.

The Shining's real Italian dubbing is very good, actually, Nicholson's Italian "doppiatore" is Giancarlo Giannini. Kubrick himself loved Giannini's dubbing work on the film.

this spoof, on the other hand, is quite sucky.

Decani: thanks for the contribution to the thread!
posted by matteo at 3:26 PM on March 21, 2005

I speak 5 foreign languages,

non l'italiano, direi. almeno spero.
posted by matteo at 3:28 PM on March 21, 2005

Matteo, you see, had I spoken Italiano, I would present this link as a spoof, (if indeed it is) which would have given it one extra notch...
Also, I love Giancarlo Giannini's work. I didn't know that he did Nicholson's dub here.
posted by growabrain at 4:41 PM on March 21, 2005

not "here". Giannini didn't dub the spoof, he did the original dubbing.
see, the problem is you linked to a video in a language you don't understand, hence you missed the point. it's not a "look those lame furriners dub American movies so bad ahaha", it's a spoof. and its dialogue flew over your (and all the other non-Italian speakers) head.

hint: it's not necessarily a good idea to link to something if you don't understand the link's language
posted by matteo at 5:17 PM on March 21, 2005

Decani said:

....the poor-loser grumpiness of those whose attempted snark at the poster backfired so gloriously in their presumptious faces.

I'm one of those snarkers, and I stand by my reaction. You can't just post any old crap on MeFi and expect it to be embraced by all. Criticism of FPPs is a useful thing--in theory it should make people give pause to posting, well, crap. Like this one.

One that wasn't even understood by the poster. He(she?) just thought it was funny, because....I dunno. I have no idea why anyone would find it funny.
posted by zardoz at 12:29 AM on March 22, 2005

I thought the reactions to the reactions to the reaction to the snark was actually really funny - much like the original FPP, people were revelling in some schadenfreude that they didn't really understand, but they felt they should make some noise, lest by remaining quiet others thought them to be idiots...

(Oh, and I didn't actually snark the original post, thanks yoga - I snarked the massively self-important "I speak every language under the sun and have travelled far beyond our galaxy"-response by growabrain. Sometimes, a "yes" really will be sufficient.)
posted by benzo8 at 2:04 AM on March 22, 2005

Sorry, I should amend that. It was funny to those who can understand Italian, as it apparently is a spoof of the original dubbed movie. Even if growabrain was aware of this (which he wasn't), it would still be a lame post. This wasn't pointed out, and I'm sure most folks on MeFi don't understand Italian.

So the only value is simply watching a clip The Shining dubbed in Italian. If you truly find this funny, well....I don't know. You must not get out much.

posted by zardoz at 3:50 AM on March 22, 2005

Oh, don't get me wrong, folks. I enjoy a good snark. Heavy stress on the good. I'm less keen on the sort of knee-jerk "Oh-my-what-a-crap-FPP-it-sucks-so-hard-because-I-say-it-does" snarking that started this thread off, and which seems to be depressingly standard noise from certain people on MeFi. Why, it's almost as if they're more energised by acting the mighty Mefi Acceptability Arbiter and criticising the perceived inferiority/inappropriateness of someone else's contribution than, you know, maybe ignoring it and doing something better themselves.

See? An annoying, whining waste of time that, wasn't it? This comment I just made? Crap. Pointless. Just the thing to put on a thread you think is an annoying waste of time, I'm sure. Hey ho. On we go. Pure whingefilter. Matt! Delete!
posted by Decani at 8:35 AM on March 22, 2005

/zardoz enters what he thinks is an empty room, looks for Decani...

You're right in the sense that I could have ignored it and made a better FPP myself. True. But frankly this is the very first "snark" I've made on MeFi and I still stand by it, even though it seems to have induced curious outrage. I don't think it's knee-jerk at all--it was a bafflingly unfunny FPP, and maybe it shouldn't have been deleted, but I wanted growabrain to know that not everyone thinks watching dubbed movies for their own sake is amusing. It seems to me to be amusing only to those who have maybe seen a few foreign movies dubbed in English, which is rare enough in the States to be a novelty.
I used to live in Germany and later Japan, and if I had a nickel for every dubbed movie I saw there...

/leaves the room, and leaves the lights on, just in case
posted by zardoz at 2:30 PM on March 22, 2005

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