Every American male with three freinds and access to an outlet formed a band...
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The Garage Compilation Database. A great tool for Garage Rock neophytes and research tool for longtime fans. From the great folks at Ugly Things.
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Awesome. I love shit like this.
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Searchin' for Shakes started its life as a MS Access Database (or at least, that's the form it was in when I was first introduced to it). It was maintained by volunteers and distributed on the Bomp List (though perhaps not exclusively).

I love 'scenes'. I wish I could give something back to the tireless fans who put so much of their own time and money into sharing their passions with lazy people like me.
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Thanks to this site I was able to finally confirm that We the People's "You Burn Me Up and Down" is one of the most comped garage songs. It seems to be on every other garage comp I pick up (and that's not a bad thing).

Once Kicks magazine went away Ugly Things moved to the top of my list of magazines I most anxiously wait for. Like Kicks, I can read huge articles in Ugly Things about bands I've never actually heard and still be totally transfixed. And with each issue I add loads more records-to-buy list.
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Those kicks just keep gettin' easier to find.
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v. nice!
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Cool post. If you're interested SAGG, Sundazed has an awesome double-CD comp. of We The People out called 'Mirror Of Our Minds' that shows these guys were so much more than simply "You Burn Me Up And Down" (not that that isn't enough). I have a LOT of garage stuff, and this is certainly my fave.

/does not work for Sundazed
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If you like this you may also like Fuzz, Acid & Flowers (as well as the other online reference books)
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F,A &F is full of great information, but it's interface leaves a lot to be desired.
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I have often wondered if that were deliberate on their part so as to encourage people to buy their books. I've always just slogged through it, but you're right, it is a pretty crappy interface. Lots of info in there you won't find anywhere else however.
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