DeLay's Own Tragic Crossroads
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DeLay's Own Tragic Crossroads HYPOCRITE: "..."There was no point to even really talking about it," Maxine DeLay, the congressman's 81-year-old widowed mother, recalled in an interview last week. "There was no way [Charles] wanted to live like that. Tom knew — we all knew — his father wouldn't have wanted to live that way." Doctors advised that he would "basically be a vegetable," said the congressman's aunt, JoAnne DeLay...."
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This post was deleted for the following reason: please, just one last one when she dies


There were valid reasons why his father's situation was totally different:

1) He wasn't in trouble for ethics charges then

2) There was nothing to be gained politically
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Zeitgeist. MetaFilter is going to reflect the zeitgeist; how can it not? These conflicts are important to peoples' lives, indeed may have much affect on lives. Mefites are naturally going to have things to say about such important issues. Newsfilter is inevitable.
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From the sidebar: "If you're looking for info on the Schiavo case, try the Schiavo tag. It's been talked about quite a bit, so please direct comments there instead of new posts."
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I wish Jesus, today on his great day, would take this sinner Tom DeLay and REMOVE HIM FROM OUR PLANET.

He is a blaspheme, and I pity him.

F*ck you Tom DeLay, ya friggin blumpkin giving scumbag
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Well flip flopping isn't a democratic exclusive any longer I guess ?

FLIP: Don't harm poor company , that will kill jobs of people that must vote me and I'll no longer get company cashola !

FLOP: Kick poor company, it killed my dad ! Who cares about _other people_ jobs it's ALL about _my_ dad !

FLIP: See poor company wasn't so poor and gave me 250K$ !

FLOP: Now protect the poor company or jobs will be killed ! My dad ? The fuckers paid, case closed, nothing to see move ahead keep the course or the jobs will die ! What, other people injuried ? It's not _my dad_ goddamit damn librlus always faking injuries !

FLIP: Protect Terri ! What, she's braindead ? Well that sounds like dad indeed but...people want her to live and I want their votes..besides who cares my dad is dead and I already sued and won ! Can't you people just forget about the past and keeping an eye on me , damn libruls !
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DeLay's personal experience with the very same issue we're dealing with now (and most of us wish it would just go away) will continue to be significant long after I uninstall the Schiavo/Vigoda plug-in from Firefox.

We're dealing with a rising hypocritical, corrupt, moralizing theocracy that will say and do anything to advance their agenda, even if it contradicts the rule of law, goes against the will of the people or even conflicts with their personal experience. This case just exposed a portion of what they're up to.
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MetaFilter is going to reflect the zeitgeist; how can it not?

And this post is going to get deleted. How can it not?
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phredhead writes " I wish Jesus, today on his great day, would take this sinner Tom DeLay and REMOVE HIM FROM OUR PLANET."

Now, why would Jesus be upset with an agent of the state making life-or-death decisions to propitiate his supporters' religious views.
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