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Fitness to Practice is a collection of songs written and performed by Amateur Transplants, two practicing doctors from the UK. The album consists of original songs as well as witty parodies of songs originally performed by among others Tom Lehrer and The Jam (mp3 links). The lyrics contain a lot of medical in-jokes, but the humour is broad enough to appeal to everyone.
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The drug song is not bad. Although the idea of someone writing a parody of Tom Lerhrer almost made my head explode.
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It reminds me a lot of medical school skits nights. The highlight of which for me was when a born performer in the class ahead of us, belting out the finale of his song, rhymed "I'm such a lucky fool" with "My Colon's Full of Stool!". Yeah, I know, you probably had to be there. And being drunk and sleep deprived wouldn't hurt either.
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Fun stuff, but I wouldn't call it a parody of a Tom Lehrer song - his "The Elements" was simply the names of the elements set to the tune of "I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General." It's more like a ripoff reworking of the idea behind the song.
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Hot songs; the clever sort of bouncing lyrics that you find on the Dr. Demento Show. This is good, and it's funnier than that anti-Rx cartoon.
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Reminds me some what of Instant Sunshine, though I.S. left their medical roots behind years ago.
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One to make Animaniacsproud!
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Bloody brilliant!! It reminds me of my medical school years. I would have loved to have a song like "The drugs song" to sing along to.
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Listen to track 2 - nothing at all. It's offensive and totally lame. I'm a guy, but seriously, these guys are completely misogynistic pricks.
posted by sien at 7:40 PM on March 31, 2005

"London Underground" is brilliant.
posted by ZenMasterThis at 10:00 AM on April 1, 2005

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