What is a Foob?
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What is a Foob? When it comes to juvenile insults, I remember dork, doofus, geek, etc. But this is a new one on me.
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Um, you are, for posting this?

I kid, I kid! But it was an obvious joke.
posted by davejay at 5:35 PM on March 31, 2005

April Foob's Day isn't until tomorrow, you foob.
posted by Faint of Butt at 5:38 PM on March 31, 2005

It was mentioned last week in the comics(For Better or Worse) but not explained, but a dweeb is a dick with ears.
posted by hortense at 5:39 PM on March 31, 2005

I heard that!

posted by Richard at 5:39 PM PST on March 31

posted by davejay at 5:45 PM on March 31, 2005

Well, just in case this post survives, here it is: FOOB.
posted by DeepFriedTwinkies at 5:48 PM on March 31, 2005

excellent link thanks DeepFriedTwinkies
posted by hortense at 5:53 PM on March 31, 2005

Lynn Johnston: A great hosette.
posted by Turtles all the way down at 6:02 PM on March 31, 2005


Funny, I was just trying to get a definition for hooplehead ... but no luck.
posted by Relay at 6:42 PM on March 31, 2005

I'm not a foob, but I am totally roadside.
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 6:47 PM on March 31, 2005

this is total fborfw.
posted by quonsar at 6:50 PM on March 31, 2005

It's been a rough week for Metafilter, no?
posted by 27 at 6:53 PM on March 31, 2005

What foob posted this? Everybody knows that the language generally referred to as Anglo-Saxon was several hundred years extinct by the 17th Century.

Quite foobhardy.
posted by teece at 7:27 PM on March 31, 2005

Just don't confuse it with "foop". I'm #1 on Google for that.
posted by wendell at 7:35 PM on March 31, 2005

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posted by ColdChef at 8:07 PM on March 31, 2005

My nephew called me a word I half-heard, when he was about thirteen.
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"It's the exact moment dogshit turns white," he replied.
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did you box his little ears?
posted by exlotuseater at 9:02 PM on March 31, 2005

Hah, this is a great post. No, seriously. The fact I'm a rabid FBOFW fangirl has nothing to do with it. I met Lynn last November...she was really nice.

I love that website in general. Never thought I'd see it on Metafilter, but now that it's here, I'm as happy as a clam.
posted by livii at 9:03 PM on March 31, 2005

"It's the exact moment dogshit turns white,"

Dear god. You must find out that word for us. Because that's...brilliant. Brilliant, I tell you.
posted by ColdChef at 9:06 PM on March 31, 2005

Believe it or not, a quick google search turned up this gem....

"WHATEVER HAPPENED to the white dogshit you used to see on sidewalks? You never see it anymore. Have dogs changed? Has something in the doggish diet been added or removed? All you see nowadays is dogshit in varying shades of brown. As I recollect, the white dogshit was usually dry, as though it had been there for a while; however, it seemed to appear all at once. But dryness alone isn't the whole answer, because I've seen dried out dogshit often, and all it gets is darker and less hazardous. Furthermore, not all dogshit was white, and in fact I have no recollection of seeing truly fresh white dogshit. But it was definitely commonplace, and now I can't recall seeing any for ever so long. The big advantage of white dogshit is that you never stepped in it, even at night. If you keep your wits about you, generally you can avoid stepping in dogshit during the day. But at night, it is a snare for the unwary. Since neither dogs nor dog owners are going to change their ways, and since we are likely to have dogshit on public sidewalks into the foreseeable future, I think it would be a real public service if dog food manufacturers would look into this and figure out how to make dogshit stand out again, the way it used to. Bring back the good old days, I say, dogshit and all."

© 1999 David Lance Goines. (figured he'd want some recognition for this fine ditty).

Sorry for the derail but as ColdChef says, there simply has to be a word for this.
posted by j.p. Hung at 10:30 PM on March 31, 2005

Foob, from fubar, fucked up beyond all recognition? I'd say it means fuck up.

ColdChef, nice link! I was hoping it wasn't a meat substitute site.
posted by fenriq at 10:33 PM on March 31, 2005

Thanks for posting this. I was wondering what foob meant the other day.

closet FBOFW reader
posted by grouse at 2:15 AM on April 1, 2005

Right on PST, I've been there.
posted by Prince Nez at 6:59 AM on April 1, 2005

After following joshreads.com, I became a fbow reader cause I'm convinced april is going to get pregnant or shoot up her school, failing that... heroin.
posted by drezdn at 8:14 AM on April 1, 2005

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