We're all living in Murakami's world.
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The Murakami Method : hailed as the Japanese Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami (previously discussed here) lives in his factory wherein he "makes art and sleeps." Murakami spans the artistic spectrum as both a proponent of Japanese otaku culture - the "geek" culture of manga and video games and the author of a PhD dissertation of Nihonga - a style of Japanese painting whose name literally translates to "Japanese painting." Further bridging the gap between "high and low culture," Murakami shows his work in museums and in the Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo.
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Hmm, I'll have to get around to uploadingt hose pics I took of his installation in Rockefeller Center a couple years back at some point. Very interesting stuff.

No, I'm not talking about my ability to procrastinate.
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Another Japanese artist who switched back and forth between the applied and fine arts was Isamu Noguchi. In addition to some amazing sculpture, he also designed everything from lamps to dance sets for Martha Graham. I saw Martha Graham dance company perform "Errands in the Maze" last year, with a set designed by Noguchi, and it stands out as the most powerful dance pieces I've ever seen. The Noguchi Garden Museum in NYC is one of my favorite museums, too - he designed the whole place himself.

But more on topic, I also have really gotten into Murakami's work. I keep considering buying one of his prints - but given that I'm on a student budget, that would mean that I starve for a few months. They pop up on ebay every now and then. Thanks for all the info.
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I saw Murakami speak a few years back in Boston. As he was greeting and signing the posters of numerous fans, I yelled from the back of the assemblage, "How does it feel to be a rock star?"
Everybody laughed, and I got a couple half-nasty glances, and then everyone went back to their fawning.
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Nice post about Murakami; saw a number of his works during the Superflat tour at UW in Seattle a number of years back.

However amongst his contemporaries, I think
Chiho Aoshima is the most inventive and appealing.
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Lets try that link again.

My apologies
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