We owe our human condition here to the intervention of insects?
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Behind the Dark Door [Google cached copy] might prove a valuable resource to science fiction aficionados, or interesting to fans of quality television drama. It provides insight into the mind of Nigel Kneale, writer of The Quatermass Experiment. Last Saturday's gripping and technically impressive update was based largely on his original scripts, and was the BBC's first live TV drama in more than twenty years. Another chance the pimp David Tennant, The Quatermass Experiment 2005 was much more satisfying than the BBC's other science fiction drama with which Tennant has been linked.
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I also wanted to link to his Time Shift interviews but couldn't make the Real Media links work. Here they are in case you have more joy.
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This was excellent

The best tv I've seen in years.
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The 1979 Quatermass serial had the best analysis of the then-in-vogue Von Daniken extraterrestrials-as-Gods pablum. The ETs really did start life on earth, but they are farming us for food. It turns out that most of the world's major religions, with tales of ascending into the sky, are in fact clever manipulation by the ETs to prime people to accept their vaporisation and freeze-drying before being shot into space. Some people suggest trying to establish a dialog with the mysterious Godlike aliens but Quatermass is, as usual, quite cynical:

"The ripe crop can't appeal to the reaper. I think this is the gathering time. The human race is being harvested."

And the shots showing the atmosphere becoming smoggy and polluted with the chaff from the human harvesting was excellent!
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Another chance the pimp David Tennant

Blimey. That should have read "to pimp". Apologies.
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Can anyone point me to a torrent of The Quatermass Experiment?
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