my hummingbird summer
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A woman’s story of bonding with baby hummingbirds. (3.5 min. audio) From NPR's All Things Considered.
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Julie Zickefoose, the author of this piece, is also a pretty accomplished wildlife artist.

For those of you that have never had the opportunity to hand raise wild birds, it is one of the most delightful experiences possible.

As the younger brother of a biology teacher in a fairly small town, I was able to be involved in many wildlife rehabilitation efforts (every wounded animal for 30 miles around ended up at our house) I learned much through these experiences, I'm sure that those small animals are responsible for who I am today.
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What Julie doesn't mention in her piece is that hummingbirds tend to return to feeding areas they know each year. I imagine she'll find four very familiar adults hanging around her yard this summer. If they choose to interact with her again is a different question.

It is a delightful story that made the drive home very enjoyable.
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Another woman's story of bonding with baby tigers. (No disrespect intended to either Ms. Zickefoose or found missing)
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Thanks, found missing. [this is good]
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And, from, a cute story of a woman and her opossum Iris (10Mb MP3)

/additional animal audio
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More hummingbird pics: Hummer nest '05 and humming bird nest '03.
I've only seen a hummingbird once but I was completely entranced by this tiny creature that seemed to bridge the gap between warm-blooded animal and insect.
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