Via Con Dios, Doc.
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Hunter S. Thompson's ashes WILL be blasted from a cannon mounted inside a 53-foot-high sculpture of the journalist's "gonzo fist" emblem. You can see Hunter & Ralph Steadman plan these details in the BBC documentary Fear & Loathing in Gonzovision.
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That docu is also on the Criterion Fear & Loathing DVD under the title "Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hollywood", and it is excellent.
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A couple of interesting books in the 60s and early 70s, and pretty much nothing since. Sorry he's dead, by his own hand at that, but he's not a huge cultural or literary loss.

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It worked for Graham Chapman.
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This FPP should have been saved for after the blast.
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I'm guessing they won't do that to Saul Bellow.
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1016 : I'm not a Catholic, but that doesn't blind me to significance of the loss of the Pope. Furthermore, Thompson wrote some excellent work this side of the 70's too.

You don't have to be a "true believer" to have respect. Don't be a dick.
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Not bad for some last laugh action.
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HST was my pope, now afroblanca is.

Mahalo Doc.
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But the event won't air on every major network and cable news station and that's the real crime.
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I hope all attending will be suitably twisted on dangerous pharmaceuticals.
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"Top that, Pope!"
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trinarian, I showed what I believe to be proper respect for his earlier work; looked at some of the later stuff and found it repetitive, overly self indulgent, and devoid of interest.

Don't be a dick yourself.
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O.T., [pedant] It's "vaya con dios", btw. [/pedant]
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We're supposed to bicker about the person's merit on the obit thread, people. This thread is all about explosions and corpse disposal. I, for one, think the cannon is a good send-off.
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thanks mikeh,

This post is all about a 53 foot sculpture of a fist on top of a 100 foot platform shooting a dead guy out of a canon. I'm sorry, but even if the guy never wrote a good book that's freaking cool.

Complaining about the guy's writing here is like saying the Colorado Rocky Mountains pale in comparison to the Canadian Rockies. Sure it's somewhat related since Hunter is being blasted in the Colorado Rockies, but it is pretty beside the point.

On a similar note to the actual topic of the post, my friend made me promise to give him a viking funeral where he'd be put to sea in a burning ship. Well the ship will be burning after using bronze mirrors (or available substitutes) to set the ship on fire like Archemedes did to the Roman ships in the Syracuse harbor in 212 BC. I found plans from some SCA wingnut. With a bunch of 5' by 3' mirrors and 60 people to hold them I should be able to torch it from 160 feet. If i don't do this i think my friend is going to haunt me. (Email me if you want the plans)
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Fucking awesome.

That is all.
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When they describe the 'Gonzo fist' in the mainstream media, they always neglect to mention the peyote button in the center.
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Didn't they already do this with Sarah Vowell's dad?
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ta da! (jump to paragraph number four)
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