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Kevin Brancato (of Truck and Barter fame) has been running, a site dedicated to discussing the social and economic impact of Wal-Mart, for about a year. Though he has generally been one of the web's biggest Wal-Mart supporters, the firm has nonetheless issued to him a Cease and Decist Order.
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posted by quonsar at 1:17 PM on April 6, 2005

The irony is strong with this FPP.

And what quonsar had Nelson say.
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Did Wal-Mart even read before they sent out the lawyers? I can't even fathom what good they believe will come of dragging perhaps their only vocal fan on the internet into court. Is there any legal reasoning behind why they would want to stop a pro-walmart site?

Also, what nelson by way of quonsar said.
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It's a trademark claim, which is different than copyright as most C&D are issued over. The domain name is their trademark slogan, so I can see where Wal-Mart is coming from. You have to go after trademark infringement or you lose it, unfortunately.

I don't think it's as cut and dry as most C&D notices that get issued.
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You're probably right, mathowie, but they could have very easily approached him and asked him to change it. He'd have happily done so, I'm sure.

This is WalMart sending out the goons instead of trying talking first. Stupid and demonstrative of the mentality of the company.
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It actually seems totally reasonable, and I'm no fan of Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, when you've got a bunch of corporate lawyers, one thing they tend to tell you is that just talking to someone is no good.
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Maybe now he knows that Walmart is a horrible corporation that doesn't care about people?
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fenriq, IANL, but I think 'just asking' isn't enough - future infringers could cite them as 'uncontested prior use'. Unfortnately, you have to be seen to agressively protect your trademarks, else they revert to the public domain. It is ironic, but there's not much different they could have done if they wanted to keep their trademark strong...

Getting and retaining a trademark is quite a pain-in-the-arse process from the few dealings I've had with it...
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what a loser.
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Compared to most C&D orders, WM's was very, VERY polite.

I want to make it clear that Wal-Mart did not send in the goons! I have openly stated that Wal-Mart’s intention is not to stifle free speech (they have no problem with and the like), but to rightfully defend the integrity of its intellectual property. ALP just happens to be in their way.

My wife greatly appreciated Nelson's opinion. And thanks for both the hearty approval and mocking scorn from the rest of you!

--Kevin Brancato
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metafilter: thanks for both the hearty approval and mocking scorn
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