Thought I'd put on a drag show.
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Ladies and germs, please meet my new best friend - Mrs. Betty Butterfield.
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[this is wtf!]
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Sublime. Mercy boocoo.
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I love the Drag Show, but Betty needs some help!
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Ladies and germs, your Red States representative, Mrs. Betty Butterfield.
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I'd hit it.

What did I just type?
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I don't know about watching a lot of those videos but the one I picked, about Betty's medical problems, made me laugh so hard I almost got sick.
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tristeza, you are my new best friend for introducing me to Betty and her fascinating girlfriend Marge.

(I'm home sick and on about as many meds as you can get outside of Canada, and it's a refreshing change of pace to wheeze and gasp from laughter rather than plague. I wish Betty and I could visit about it over some DQ and bourbon.)
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Surely you've met her soul sister, Shirley Q. Liquor?
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Really effing good. I can't decide if the tiny, crappy video enhances its effectiveness or if it wouldn't be better to have her visage stretched across my monitor. My brother, who logged serious time in Grand Forks and is a fabulous trailer queen herself, absolutely loves Marge.

Thanks, tristeza!
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it that really on tv in Canada? so funny.
no, i'm not ok. how are you? : >
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