Bye, Bye Johnnie
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Rock and roll pioneer Johnnie Johnson died today. Chuck Berry wrote "Johnny B. Goode" in tribute to Johnson. Johnson composed many of Chuck Berry's greatest songs on the piano. Berry then adapted them for guitar and wrote the lyrics.
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You can find articles about the man and an annotated discography at Johnnie's official site . I discovered his influence on rock in reverse - I first knew of him as a friend of NRBQ and Keith Richards and then learned about his role in shaping rock and roll. I recommend Johnnie B. Bad to anyone wanting delve into his solo records.
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Shit. No wonder the local radio was pre-empting the normal styles of music to play his stuff.
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Also, rent a copy of "Hail, Hail, Rock n' Roll" to see the genius behind Chuck Berry. Sorry to hear this...
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A good rental would be "Hail Hail Rock N Roll", a doc spotlighting Berry's 60th birthday. In one scene Richards explains how Johnnie was probably responsible for more of Chuck Berry's success than (at that time - '87) most people knew.

Richards explained how the chords for Berry's biggest hits were bar chords on guitar but easy chords on piano, speculating that they were written on piano and not guitar.

Johnson eventually sued Berry in early 2000 for his share of the royalties but the judge concluded that too much time had passed therefore Berry owed Johnson zip. (more here)
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Damn. A good guy, worked sound for him a few times.

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"Let It Rock" is one of the few numbers where Johnnie's piano dominates over Chuck's guitar. It's a great example for the uninitiated of how important he was to the Chuck Berry sound and thus to all rock and roll.
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If Chuck is the father of rock n' roll Johnnie was the grandfather. And his musical contributions aside, he was just a sweet low-key unassuming guy which made me like him even more. RIP.
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But I thought Chuck Berry first heard Johnny B. Goode on a phone call from his brother Marvin.
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(and Marvin was his cousin.)
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Rock: It's not just your great great grandaddy's music.

Props to a original.
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